I am alive!! ;)

This is just an update to inform that I am alive,  and totally fine . It’s been a long time I haven’t written anything nor I am updating my friends these days.
My life is college now,  and college is my life nowadays. 😉
In the last 3 weeks,  I was in college for 2 sundays too. I dont even message my friends a lot these days. Some of my school friends have even stopped asking me ” what’s going on ” , as mostly the answer is tests/ presentation. Whenever I get free time I prefer spending with my family. 

Still everyday,  there’s something to cherish, something new to learn,  and few regrets too. And on the positive side,  the bonding between the college friends is becoming strong day by day as we understand each other well 🙂

Hope to post soon and regularly !!!

– Straight From my Heart,

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