Losing Yourself ?!?

Competition, responsibilities, worries,  confusion, show off, regrets, in the middle of such things , some start losing ourselves. People forget the real self they used to be and become someone else,  a different perosonality!!

I was talking day before yesterday with my old friend,  who used to be so jolly,  happy, used to make others smile,  was very strong, filled with positivity, an attitude,  to change,  to be a perfect person.
But now,  the person, I knew is lost,  lost somewhere, is filled with negativity and regrets. 

Living in the past will always give nothing but sorrows. Thinking about things beyond our control is simply waste of energy and time. We all know this,  still we think too much, live with regrets somewhere in our heart.

Don’t let situations to rule you. Stay in the present. Its better if we focus our imagination in many other things and mainly ourselves.
Don’t lose yourself,  its the biggest loss for an individual than anything. If you feel lost somewhere, sometime,  give time to yourself and try rediscovering.
As I always say life is all about loving yourself.

– Straight From my Heart

4 thoughts on “Losing Yourself ?!?

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  1. Good thoughts! I think your friend needs someone to hear him/her. My experience is lending an ear is the best thing you can do to someone who is thinking about his/her mistakes. Good luck with the counselling 🙂


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