The Storm…

She could see the storm outside,
She could feel one inside
It rained heavily and continuously,
But the intensity of her tears seemed more…
Never before she actually understood what a “heavy heart” meant
Heart so heavy, she could feel her body sinking
Walking in the rain, trying to hide her tears…
Tears which didn’t stop !!
“Why me ?” she thought
Life is all unfair she started believing
Cursing her luck, and destiny
Anger, sadness, all came out as tears
The storm outside settled soon,
Birds started chirping
The grass seemed more green
Roads more clean…
Heart still heavy, the girl realized,
She got the message..
Nature’s own way of saying
There will always be sunlight after a storm.
Sooner or later…
That this is Life..
And Life goes on
Keep Moving…

Straight from my heart,

Life is like a train journey or Train is life ??

” Life is like a train ride. We get on. We ride. We get off. We get back on and ride some more. There are accidents and there are delays. At certain stops, there are surprises. Some of these will translate into great moments of joy; some will result in profound sorrow.”- Author unknown. There are so many life is like a train ride quotes. Many authors and poets use the metaphor of train journey for life. But for about 8 million people in Mumbai, train is a part of their life. Rightly described as the lifeline of Mumbai, it plays a very crucial role in our lives. We are greatly dependent on the local train network, few delays and cancellations, our life gets disturbed. I am one of them. I spend 4 hours everyday travelling. Everyday I meet many new people and the same people and my  train friends(a category of friends which only Mumbaikars have ;)).

From the past few days, I am travelling alone, which is usually not the case.  Everyday I observe people, interact with many and overhear many conversations. I have overheard many ladies complaining and cribbing about how their lives are just about travelling-office-travelling. By the time they reach home, they are too tired to spend time with family, or just there is nothing much to say other than the train-rides and office politics ! Avoiding both the topics, they prefer to sleep. During monsoon, many people spend even 6 hours travelling in Mumbai local. This made me wonder, is this what we Mumbaikars call life ? Do our lives have no other meaning than just travelling and returning !? Train is life for Mumbaikars ?

Its all perspective. Its like the glass is half full, or half empty !! Both are true, but it depends on the attitude, how we take it. Some things we have to accept and move on with it. There is no point cribbing. Yes, we travel , we spend 4 to 6 hours daily in train, so what ? You are not alone, there are 8 million people doing the same.
There are people who enjoy travelling, have a train group, countless train friends, are merry, discuss everything and don’t crib at all. In fact, motivate other travellers and give them tips too 😉

I would say that people who travel by Mumbai local are one of the most hardworking, perseverant , social people in the world. They experience life in its true form, every single day.

Below are some qualities which Mumbai local travellers develop and even master:

Being Social: They are the most social people in the world. They can start a conersation with anyone, and on any topic !! Moreover, they feel connected to many people too. Train friends soon become the closest friends.

Time Management: Their system gets tuned to keep track of every minute. Moreover, they will value each and every minute of their life. Even 2 minutes means a lot !( Had written a whole post on it –

Multitasking: Listening music, reading, chatting, eating,playing games,these are some things which are done simultaneously. For bloggers, even writing 😉

Never lose hope: Even if one single minute is left for the train, they will hope they get it. Many times the postive attitude works a lot 🙂

Running: Its dangerous, but all the local travellers atleast for once, must have ran madly to catch a train. Well there are those who do this everyday too, in kareena kapoor and Shah rukh khan style 😉

Flexibility: Sounds funny, but their bodies remain flexible. Due to the crowd, they can stand in weird positions, on their toes, all the body weight balancing on one leg , their bags on their head and what not ! Also they get free body massage many times 😉

Planning: Every day begins with a plan, which train to take, what time to leave from home to reach office/college on time, and so on. These little things make them strong in memory , assumptions and ultimately planning becomes a part of every task.

Introspect:Many people prefer utilizing the time with oneself, to introspect, to ask answers to oneself, and some even meditate (only possible in harbour line)

The list can be never ending.. These are just some of them. So, if we see it positively, each day is a new learning, new hope for Mumbai local travellers. Are they really wasting time ? I believe nothing in life goes waste, everything teaches us something.

Ultimately, life is what our thoughts make it…

Straight from my Heart,
Prakriti Singh

Weekend – Realized Worth

Value of weekend is realized only when we enter the corporate world. In college,  we enjoy everyday, every moment. But things change in the professional world.

Even though,  I am very new to the corporate world,  just a management intern,  I am getting a feel of it. This weekend was one of the best weekend I had since my Internship started. I met my closest friends,  went for a sleepover at my college bestfriend’s place and met many wonderful people at Bloggers meet. The meet was a great experience and I gained insight into various aspects of blogging. I was away from home continuously for 33 hours,  but it was worth it.

I had a conversation with my friend,  regarding personal and professional life balance, and how to manage both. Here are some of the points which we concluded,  may be helpful to my other friends and fellow bloggers –

Plan your weekends:
We need to spend them very carefully as it’s the only time we can give to our family,  friends and ourselves. Just as we plan our daily tasks in office,  we should plan weekends and try giving time to maximum activities efficiently.

Set your Priorities:
Be clear about whom you really want to meet,  who value you,  and desire to meet you. Don’t commit to everyone,  as it will only add load to your weekend timetable 😉

Never try to please everyone:
This is the biggest mistake we commit. Remember one who pleases all remains displeased himself.

Don’t forget yourself: Think about others,  but don’t ignore yourself.
Stick to your goals. Ultimately personal growth and satisfaction matters the most.

Value Relations:
Work and learning is important but relationships need to be valued. Give them quality time and space too. Otherwise there will be a point when we become frustrated and it will eventually affect work too.

Try not to delay things because of lack of time,the right time to do something is now!! As we all know, life is too short to live with regrets.

-Straight from my Heart,

Finally … !!!

Yeah, finally , I am writing a new post. Finally my exams over . It was like a time attack. So many presentations,vivas, exams in so less time . But finally they are over.

A lot of things happened to me , in the last 1 month. I turned 21 too 🙂 Oh this is my first post after turning 21 !! I realised who are the people who really care for me , love me truly . I am very lucky to have such people with me , always 🙂

College kept me busy most of the time. I had almost no social life. Even don’t know what is going on in family. But I am supposed to behave professionally and maturely as I am doing MBA( My professor’s favourite dialogue). 😉 Truly, but now I think I am immune against pressure / stress/ excessive multitasking, Thanks to college. I have lots to update, and narrate my lessons learned.

Will be catching everyone’s posts too 🙂

Happy writing 🙂

-Straight From My Heart,


In the limelight

Finally done with my research proposal submission.  Not that I had to struggle a lot for that,  but sometimes the happiness is just because it’s over.  😉

Happy to have some time for myself. It was an amazing day today and I am very happy. One reason being that the submission is over… another is that I was in the limelight.  😉

Yes,  in the limelight, for my acting skills,  for my entertaining power and my ability to make people laugh.  🙂 And also for being a good and active student too 😉

It feels amazing to make people laugh,  to make someone forget their worries and to make them laugh till it hurts. I laugh with them too. I really like it when people appreciate me,  as an actor,  as an mimic. 

As a child, I always wanted to be an actress,  or a dancer.And then A phase came when I was keen on being a writer. But dreams fade eventually.

But today, I have no regrets , even though not a writer,  a blogger,  with decent followers. Even though not an actor,  I exhibit my talent. Not a dancer,  but will never leave a chance to dance, everyone is aware of it 😉 . In the limelight, not on a big stage,  but it matters…Life is all about living up with your dreams and realizing then too.

A big big thanks to everyone who encourage,  appreciate,  and for their love..  I know I am awesome 😉

– Straight from My Heart,

Keep Laughing.

Smile More, Laugh More

Its difficult to define happiness, it’s a feeling experienced,  felt and expressed.  When asked to define happiness or reasons behind it,  we wouldn’t have a perfect answer.
My friend asked me yesterday,  reasons why I am always smiling and happy , and highly motivated.
I couldn’t give him the answer. So I went introspecting myself to realize some of the things,  which make me happy.

I find happiness even in the smallest possible things, starting from seeing the sunrise,  seeing the sunset to as minute as a good friend complimenting or appreciating . Nature is my biggest inspiration. It defines life,  with all it’s shades..  Brightness,  dull,  cloudy,  darkness.  Every day has some thing or event as bright and inspiring as the sunrise and as hard as the darkness of the night.

Another simple thing I follow,  smile, a lot,  whenever possible. There are many benefits of it.  It reduces stress,  keeps a light mood.  Even if people think you are mad at long as its doing good to you,  it’s no harm. Research claims that smiling and laughing more is very healthy and it makes us more happy.

Dance… It’s another thing which makes me happy. I always dance a little, everyday, whenever possible. It makes me forget my worries and frustrations.  As Vh1 says,  Life is a dancefloor and You are the music. Life is incomplete with us. Do one thing which makes you happy and forget the rest.

Help someone,  bring smile in someone else’s life,  atleast for that day 😉  . Helping others makes me happy too..

Don’t think what others think about you. Just be yourself. Because when we dont we are just fooling ourselves. Stay away from negative sources and people. And think that life is awesome,  the psychological factor always helps.

And last but not the least,  writing makes me happy, I will write even if no one reads 😉

-Straight From My Heart,

Keep Smiling : )

I am alive!! ;)

This is just an update to inform that I am alive,  and totally fine . It’s been a long time I haven’t written anything nor I am updating my friends these days.
My life is college now,  and college is my life nowadays. 😉
In the last 3 weeks,  I was in college for 2 sundays too. I dont even message my friends a lot these days. Some of my school friends have even stopped asking me ” what’s going on ” , as mostly the answer is tests/ presentation. Whenever I get free time I prefer spending with my family. 

Still everyday,  there’s something to cherish, something new to learn,  and few regrets too. And on the positive side,  the bonding between the college friends is becoming strong day by day as we understand each other well 🙂

Hope to post soon and regularly !!!

– Straight From my Heart,

Golden Words of Father

Even a short conversation can have a significant impact on your life,particularly when a person with great experience and knowledge is involved in it. This is about such a life-changing conversation I had yesterday.

I had promised myself that before the end of these holidays, I would try to know and explore myself better. Hence , I approached the Counselling Centre of St Xaviers college. I gave the Preference test and Career interest test there. Father Terry, the Director of counselling centre conducted it and he had called me yesterday for the evaluation’s discussion .

Initially he explained me the results of Career Interest Inventory and Personality Evaluation, he stated clearly, the results just show what your interests and preferences are, the results are just the compilation of what you are totally as a person. The counselling session gave me many lessons and moments to cherish . I am trying to narrate some of them, some of the golden words:

  • Confusion is not a problem: It’s human nature to be confused. We may like something now,but dislike it sometime later. We are confused about our choices, decisions, and it’s a very common dialogue, “I am confused in life”.Well ,it’s just normal and nothing bad about it.
  • Don’t feel inferior to others: Love and respect yourself.You may not be perfect,neither be good in everything. Every one has their own capabilities and talents.
  • Don’t Be Positive,Be Realistic !!: In contrary to the usually preached sayings and proverbs , like ” Always Be positive”, “Be Optimistic always”, Father believes it’s better to be realistic. Life will not always be good to you,there are ups and downs. Be prepared for the bad times. Accept failures, moreover, be practical. If we always keep thinking JUST positively, we may end up living in a hypothetical world where everything is good.
  • Be Respectful: Care and respect not only yourself, but others too. Respect every’s individual’s opinion. All suggestions/opinions may not please you, but you may get some useful information too.
  • Be Assertive: In your behavior and communication, be assertive. Feel free to express your feelings, know your rights, and control your anger. Don’t repress, but talk in a reasonable manner.
  • Make Mistakes: One of the ending words of the conversation “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, You will learn something from them “. 


I am glad I had the opportunity to meet him, and discuss my views with him too. I will try to bring the necessary changes in my life. The conversation must have lasted around 20 minutes,in those 20 minutes I learnt many things; This proves Experience matters a lot.

Either you will be happily successful or unhappily successful ,it’s upon you,to choose your way . There is nothing like happily unsuccessful, because if you are happy, your life is a success indeed. 🙂

-Straight From My Heart ,

Prakriti :).

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