Weekend – Realized Worth

Value of weekend is realized only when we enter the corporate world. In college,  we enjoy everyday, every moment. But things change in the professional world.

Even though,  I am very new to the corporate world,  just a management intern,  I am getting a feel of it. This weekend was one of the best weekend I had since my Internship started. I met my closest friends,  went for a sleepover at my college bestfriend’s place and met many wonderful people at Bloggers meet. The meet was a great experience and I gained insight into various aspects of blogging. I was away from home continuously for 33 hours,  but it was worth it.

I had a conversation with my friend,  regarding personal and professional life balance, and how to manage both. Here are some of the points which we concluded,  may be helpful to my other friends and fellow bloggers –

Plan your weekends:
We need to spend them very carefully as it’s the only time we can give to our family,  friends and ourselves. Just as we plan our daily tasks in office,  we should plan weekends and try giving time to maximum activities efficiently.

Set your Priorities:
Be clear about whom you really want to meet,  who value you,  and desire to meet you. Don’t commit to everyone,  as it will only add load to your weekend timetable 😉

Never try to please everyone:
This is the biggest mistake we commit. Remember one who pleases all remains displeased himself.

Don’t forget yourself: Think about others,  but don’t ignore yourself.
Stick to your goals. Ultimately personal growth and satisfaction matters the most.

Value Relations:
Work and learning is important but relationships need to be valued. Give them quality time and space too. Otherwise there will be a point when we become frustrated and it will eventually affect work too.

Try not to delay things because of lack of time,the right time to do something is now!! As we all know, life is too short to live with regrets.

-Straight from my Heart,

4 thoughts on “Weekend – Realized Worth

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  1. lots of good mentions.. however punch line goes at the end 😉 – life is too short to live with regrets. good to read.. keep following what you have written and off course keep writing too. 🙂

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