I am gonna miss these college walls..

I am gonna miss these college walls..

The college walls… whenever I was happy , whenever I was sad, in days of excitement and in moments of tension.. I was surrounded by them.

As pillars of strength, as colourful as life, as beautiful and energetic as the youth. The moment I entered the college building, I fell in love with them. The amount of positive energy, vibes and warmth I could feel.
To say, to think these are just walls, but within these spaces, took place many events, conceived many ideas, and million memories made.. And how we characterized floors in the initial years, the purple wall, the green wall wala floor. 😉

215378_10150140891841106_1113273_n (1) IMG_20140929_160914
The photographs, were made just more beautiful by them… how excited we were for events , ” Aree yeh nai yeh wale wall pe le ” , ” Aaj group pic lenge yaar”.. And list goes on.

  • The gals lounge..which was later taken over by Placecom for corporate events..was an adda for all the creativity, and lots of fun games, or just for chilling
  • The library, which was not “just a library”, where people didn’t come only for studying, where people made new friends too, over some common interest. Not to forget the endless discussions and brainstorming activities.   IMG_20150224_210456   1909311_888177311226689_7186266387821794710_o
  • The canteen, the hogging zone.. sasta sundar tikaau khaane k jageh
  • The galleries outside labs, which got so occupied during vivas, and submissions
  • The sparkling girls wash room, only the gals can understand those washroom moments, where we always need company 😉 and our selfie sessions over there.
  • The basement, where people went to click “better” pics.
  • The seminar halls, which gave a different feeling totally throughout the placement season
  • The staircase, more than have of our college time was spent there
  • The terrace, which was occasionally opened, and we never left a chance to sneak
  • Oh.. the class rooms, the lectures, the fun, and the presentations…

Last, but not the least, the college entrance and the feeling when entering college.I will definitely miss everything. We all will.. maybe somewhere down the line, when we plan to visit college, we will feel more strongly about everything.

It’s over and difficult to digest..


I am gonna miss these college walls and the people and the amazing moments which made them so special…

Straight from my heart,

Prakriti Singh

How to get placed ? (My Placement Story)

How to get placed ? (My Placement Story)

Finally I am writing this one. One of the objective of my blog is to write and share lessons learnt. I wonder why I did not write this since so long. As the post title suggests, this post is about how I got placed through campus. Yeah, I got placed 😀

Placement is one of the most expected and common outcome of a college degree and majority students desire a placement from college. Some people are ready for any placement offer, well some are very particular about the profile, I fall in the second category,I wanted my profile which will satisfy my love for project management.  Many companies visited the campus and went with selected students, but  I was waiting for the profile to match my need.

Another company came, I was very much excited for the day, I was not at all worried. I had full confidence on myself that I will get what I deserve.

And as any other important day, I was clicking pictures and wanted to capture every moment.

IMG-20150207-WA0051 Few things which I learnt from “the” placement day:

Be excited for the day: 

Yes, be super excited for the day, yay placements. Be happy that you have come to this point of your college life that you are eligible to take a placement from college. But being excited doesn’t mean being nervous.

Dress your part:

Many think of this as the last step in preparation, but it is very essential to dress appropriately. Wear colours which suit you, and also which are lucky for you. I am a strong believer of luck, and I usually wear pink for exams and interviews. 😉

1422939002637 - Copy

 Be yourself:

Just be yourself during the process, Do not fake up, even if you feel like keeping quiet and being a good listener during the group discussion. ( I was just a listener in the GD round). The whole point is to be yourself.. that’s it.  Even during the interview, I was just being myself, went with a positive attitude, showing my love and inclination for project management.

Don’t lose the smile:

The process can be very lengthy and it becomes a long day for the candidates. But we shouldn’t lose our smile and be patient. I was taking selfies during the waiting time to ensure that I don’t lose my smile and charm 😉



Keep zero expectations:

Positive or negative both expectations hurt, so it is better not to keep any expectations and wait for the results . Once, they are out, there are three ways to deal with them : regret it, or change it, or accept it. I have finally accepted the result 🙂

Everyone has their own learnings and a placement story, what’s yours ?

NOTE: The points are purely the viewpoints of author and as experienced by her. This post does not guarantee placement.

Straight from my heart,

Prakriti Singh



10 Things Every MBA Tech Student Will Understand

MBA(Tech) is the one of the first  Btech-MBA dual degree course in India  by Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS). There are certain things which every MBA(Tech) student can relate to….

1. Naya Course Hain ?? It was launched in 2004, six batches have passed out , still people aren’t aware of such a course. Sad but true, people consider their unawareness as non-existence of something !!

2. People ask you questions like “4 years for engineering and 1 year for MBA !! or 3 years engineering and 2 years MBA ”  Ya, because they have no idea what integrated course means 😉

3. So you consider yourself as an Engineer or MBA grad ? 

None of them, we call ourselves “Techno managers” !!

4. BTech students will think that MBA Tech is very easy and our exam papers are “Chindi” as compared to theirs As per our syllabus, the papers are fine. Maybe the technical papers are set leniently at times to compensate for the upcoming management papers and their checking.

5. We are awesome time managers and can easily manage even 14 subjects in a trimester  Not to forget the presentations, assessments , research project

6. You are MPSTME not SBM ! We get to hear this often , from our faculties, placement department and other “smart” students. But during the research project and internship evaluations, we are expected to perform like IIMs, IBSs,etc!!  Weird 😉

7. Why MBA(Tech) ? Some or the other time , we’ll come across this question by people, or we ask ourselves. A very difficult question to answer though…. 😉

8. Campus to Corporate, Corporate to Campus We are given Campus to Corporate training before our 5- 6 months management internship. The internship period is the best time for some( first income, good exposure, and projects) and worst for some !! But as soon as we get accustomed to the corporate world, Boom, Back to Campus.. Final Year !!

9. Techie job or a managerial one, or a mix !! In the end students are confused to take up a technical, managerial or techno-managerial job… or take risk and be an entrepreneur. Ultimately they will realize what’s best for them.

10. We won’t realize when the 5 years fly by !! Five years is a long duration for a course, but we don’t realize that college’s gonna end soon and wish to capture  and relive every single moment, memory and events….

Straight From My Heart,

Prakriti Singh

A Big Thank you !!

A Big Thank you !!

“Happy Anniversary!
You registered on WordPress.com 1 year ago!
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!”

I got this notification yesterday.It’s been an year I am blogging. I started this blog, to make it a habit to write regularly, to introspect, and to share my lessons learnt with my friends, fellow bloggers and the world. Truly, I never thought about getting traffic on my blog, nor I worked on SEO.

I write, for myself, about anything , any person or any incidence that inspires me. When I started this, I thought of it as a digital diary, an open book where I can pen down anything. Many people are into personal blogging, so I never expected much about the followers and comments, though now I write few self-help and inspirational articles too.

But every writer wants feedback and encouragement. I got both 🙂 As of today I have 101 blog followers, and including comment follows and publicize, total 833 followers. Also, many WhatsApp followers too, who care to open the links I send them, read and honestly comment.

I met some great people on the blogosphere too. I feel connected to them while reading their posts. They give me support and inspiration.

I don’t think I am a great writer, I write in simple, plain English. But one thing I have realized is that I can express, and relate to many people through my posts.
The sentences, “Hey you haven’t posted from a long time”, “No new blog post” , shows that people read my posts and like them too 🙂

I want to thank everyone, who encouraged me, supported me, appreciated and gave suggestions. It all matters a lot. Every little like, comment, follow, suggestion makes me a little more happy.

Last, but not the least, WordPress, without which it wouldn’t have been possible. I gained lot of encouragement because of WordPress too, particularly the trophies.

A Big Thank you to All,

Straight from my heart,
Prakriti Singh

Weekend – Realized Worth

Value of weekend is realized only when we enter the corporate world. In college,  we enjoy everyday, every moment. But things change in the professional world.

Even though,  I am very new to the corporate world,  just a management intern,  I am getting a feel of it. This weekend was one of the best weekend I had since my Internship started. I met my closest friends,  went for a sleepover at my college bestfriend’s place and met many wonderful people at Bloggers meet. The meet was a great experience and I gained insight into various aspects of blogging. I was away from home continuously for 33 hours,  but it was worth it.

I had a conversation with my friend,  regarding personal and professional life balance, and how to manage both. Here are some of the points which we concluded,  may be helpful to my other friends and fellow bloggers –

Plan your weekends:
We need to spend them very carefully as it’s the only time we can give to our family,  friends and ourselves. Just as we plan our daily tasks in office,  we should plan weekends and try giving time to maximum activities efficiently.

Set your Priorities:
Be clear about whom you really want to meet,  who value you,  and desire to meet you. Don’t commit to everyone,  as it will only add load to your weekend timetable 😉

Never try to please everyone:
This is the biggest mistake we commit. Remember one who pleases all remains displeased himself.

Don’t forget yourself: Think about others,  but don’t ignore yourself.
Stick to your goals. Ultimately personal growth and satisfaction matters the most.

Value Relations:
Work and learning is important but relationships need to be valued. Give them quality time and space too. Otherwise there will be a point when we become frustrated and it will eventually affect work too.

Try not to delay things because of lack of time,the right time to do something is now!! As we all know, life is too short to live with regrets.

-Straight from my Heart,