From Strangers to Best friends…

The well known proverb “First impression is the best impression” ; may not be true always,especially in friendship .The first impression of anyone can be quite deceiving. I had a bad impression of almost all of the people who are now my closest and great friends . Being judgmental before the start of friendship or any other relation will just give us regrets.

Sometimes it takes many years to know people , whereas there are situations when we tend to know each other so much in a very short period of time, that it seems we have known each other since ages. It is rightly said that it’s not the age of the relation which makes it strong, but the heart to heart connections and the desire to know, understand and care each other is what makes it ever-lasting.

People who din’t meant anything to me two years ago, now mean a lot to me. When I joined college, I was not a library student at all, I used to spend most of my free time in the canteen with my classmates. I din’t do much during the after-hours of college, and rushed indeed as I had to travel one and a half hour or I had NGO work. With the beggining of second trimester of second year, my college life started changing. I started spending most of the time in the college library. I made a new friend and soon few of our mutual friends became great buddies. We all were different, belonged to different batches, but we sat nearby in library. Conversations started and soon we were known as the ” Library Group ” .

Out of the Library group members, 4 were my seniors, two my batch mate, ( one of them left the group later) and one my junior. I realized I started hanging with this group more than my classmates. Even our branches were different, the only thing common was library.. Yes we bonded over spending time in library,sounds strange but it’s true.

Soon we started going out too, initially to eat Panipuri 🙂 ( We all love Pani puri 😉 )

Then later we made plans for each and everyone’s birthdays, or just roam around. In a short period of time we had so much of affection between us. We helped each other in assignments, even though we were unaware of the subjects !!

Our likes, dislikes, interests matched. I started loving college more day by day. No matter from what time our lectures would be scheduled, we reached college, library particulary early in the morning without fail. All our pending assignments, writing work was done there, and as we were in a group, it was never a pain. We finished our works fast so that we could chat later. I stayed late in college. My class people noticed that all my assignments were completed before time, and I was always the first to complete them. Thanks to the library group.

We had endless group chats on Whatsapp, “Hey who all are free? ” , ” I am in lib” ,” come in library” some of the most common sentences of our chats 🙂 😉 .
The friendship wasn’t professional, as we were attached emotionally too. Even if one would be free, the person was supposed to wait for the others till they are done for the day. In short our day was incomplete without the seven of us sitting in library. 🙂

We din’t realize how time went so fast. It seemed we knew each other since birth, so strong our bonding had become. Now, the four seniors of the group are graduate. The group is shattered. It won’t be the same now. I would miss those ” Where are you? ” , ” when will you be free ” and all other whatsapp messages, the panipuri, outings, and everything. The three of us can still meet and will be meeting, but the incompleteness will always be there. I am glad we met, and it is not the end. We will always be friends, friends forever. Whenever I will enter college and then library I will be reminded of them and those days, all of us sitting together. But I have to accept their absence. There are still two years of my college life.

I never thought we would be such great buddies. In fact my first impression was that we are so different and would never be good friends. I ignored that thought and thankfully wasn’t judgemental about any of them; I would have missed a lot, and a beautiful chapter of my life din’t exist. And as we have promised we will always be friends..and there will be Dosti Forever.

– Straight from my heart,

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