Because a mother knows best…

She would sense a problem before anyone or anything else in the world could, she will be the best critic, yet the best and constant supporter. No matter how worst any situation is , her support will make us feel that everything will be alright. A mother is a unique species on this planet , having powers superior to a normal human. Everyday should be mother’s day , every day she should be acknowledged how special she is , because its not a single day she devotes to her children , she devotes her full life for the happiness of her kids. However big we think we have become ,for our Mom , we will always remain the little child who needs the same care , love and support throughout.

Its amazing how my Mom identifies that I am hiding something from her, and even one or two guesses and she will also come to know what is it that I am hiding. The best solution for my problem will be ready altogether. All my secrets are safe with her, in fact there can be nothing hidden from her. My mom knows all of my friends, the ones who are very close to me , the ones which mean a lot to me , and some whom I dislike for some reason , also she knows whom to approach to complain about me and take my updates, if any 😉

Attempt lying to her, and you will be caught sooner or later.. Because she will go to the depth of it and find out. 😉 She is the most patient human on this planet , as she handles everything and me particularly, so well !!

A Mom is a best manager , no MBA degree or business experience will make anyone as efficient , reliable and quicker than her. She manages everything from kitchen to every member , also will be highly organized and keeps track of all the things without using any technology. In terms of time management and negotiation also, no one can beat her. I can’t even imagine being on time to college without her ( I am a pampered child 😉 )

No food can replace the taste of a mother’s food. A mother is a multi talented and multi tasking personality, she is a cook , a manager, a teacher, a consultant , a bestfriend and for me , a fashion designer, the best hang-out partner and even gossip partner 😉 and what not…

As my mom says ” Maa ki mamta tum tab hi samjhoge jab tum Maa Banoge” ( You will only realize what motherhood is , when you yourself will become a mother )


Love you Mom ,

Straight From My Heart ,


Class Room No 75 !!

We always value things more, when we lose them , or when we know it’s not going to be the same any more. No, its not my college farewell I am talking about, still have an year for it… Well , where most of my friends are attending their college farewell parties, my class people and me are worried about our class not being the same any more . We will be splitting up according to our MBA specializations . For 4 years , we have been together , faced every difficulty, every situation together, had fun together, also made fun of everyone, and even bitched together 😉 🙂

Never we realized when the “initial so many groups” from first year, merged together , into one class, one family !! There was a time when our class was an epitome of groupism . Things changed, situations changed, people changed, and with time , there came unity, the feeling of togetherness among us.

One major reason , I believe in  bringing this unity is Class room 75 and our management professors and rules. We were so busy with some submission or some assignment that we started spending most of time in class. College to us , meant Class room no 75. That class, became our library , canteen , lounge , everything !! 😉 🙂 That was time when the groups gelled up, people came out of the so called “group boundaries.” The 30 minute lunch break rule did something good for us 😉 🙂

We are so used to the class, same people sitting in their almost fixed places. Everyone of us, are special in their own way , and we together made the class complete – some who always came late, some who always kept asking questions , well there are some who taught professors instead 😉 , Some who always made us laugh , some angry ones, and few who always wanted “Mass Bunk” and “Chuttttii” (Holiday). The active people of the class who made the lectures interesting…. And then there is one girl who tied everything , everyone together, our beloved CR. She made sure everything is in place, and everyone is happy 🙂

We are all our true selves when together, we can express ourselves without any inhibitions, and can do the craziest of things. Its not going to be the same any longer, but change is the only constant thing in this world. One class , or not , we will always be together, endless Whatsapp chats, Snapchats , calls , meetings , plans will always be on 🙂

As some people would say , “We got the Swag ” and will always have it 🙂


Love you all,

– Straight from my Heart ,


Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

sisterhood My friend Anne ( nominated me for The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. I am so thankful to her. It’s really supportive and encouraging to know,someone likes reading your blog. I connected with Anne because of her love for India. I love reading her experiences, stories and other posts. I am just a beginner in this blogosphere and I am grateful to find amazing people here. 🙂 Thank you for your constant support. 

The Rules 

  1. Provide a link to and thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.
  2. Answer ten questions.
  3. Nominate 10-12 blogs that you find a joy to read.
  4. Provide links to these nominated blogs and kindly let the recipients know they have been nominated.
  5. Include the award logo within your blog post.


  1. Your favorite colour …. Pink
  2. Your favorite animal … Polar Bear
  3. Your favorite non-alcoholic drink …. Sprite
  4. Facebook or Twitter  – Facebook
  5. Your favorite pattern ….. dots 
  6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents? Giving
  7. Your favorite number … 5
  8. Your favorite day of the week … Saturday
  9. Your favorite flower …. Rose
  10. What is your passion? ….. Writing, Dancing

My nominees for the Sisterhood of the World Award:

Congratulations 🙂 Keep writing !! 

The Bond of Love

This one dedicated to my brother.  Yesterday we celebrated Rakshabandhan. It’s not only a day when a sister ties a thread (Rakhi) on her brother’s wrist,  but it has a deeper meaning too.

A sister prays for her brother’s long life and her brother promises to protect her always. Every relation has it’s own value, but nothing could be as unique, and  unpredictable as a brother -sister relation.

When I prayed to God,  this Rakhi, I would like to thank him for many reasons.

– For giving me a friend,  whom I can always trust.

– A constant supporter,  who kept supporting me whenever I was low.

– A wellwisher,  whose prayers will always work for me.

– A critic,  who will find faults in me or my work, only to bring out the best from me.

Well I can go on and on with adjectives. We have many fights,  our opinions don’t match many times, we have literally abused and attacked physically too 😉 ( Those days,  good old days 😉 )
But we both know, that we will always be there for each other. We both never express our love,  we never need to because we are always together,  either at home or on Whatsap 😉

There are many things,  jokes and gossips , and secrets that are only between us and only we both can understand. 🙂 😉

I know we both are used to each other’s presence. I know he misses me when I am not at home 😉 , so do I.  Due to his busy work schedule (shifts) we cannot spend enough time,  but when we do,  it’s awesome. Even though we have a 5 year age gap,  he is still my bestfriend who understands me very well, and he knows everything about my college life.

I am glad to have an amazing elder brother like him 🙂

Love you bro,

– Straight from my Heart,

Spirit Of Independent India

15th August 2013 , Today India celebrated it’s 67th Independence Day. Our Indian flags , patriotic songs,  movies,  speeches the day was full of patriotism.

Everywhere,  there was the beautiful tricolour,  our National flag. I was dressed in tricolour too. It made me feel very good, dressed in those three colours. It gave me a sense of love and respect for the country. I wanted to show that I am proud, proud to be an Indian. I was not alone, I saw many people wearing the colours of India. I am always very happy and enthusiastic for Independence Day, like most of the people are for other festivals.

I came across a message in a mall today, “Saare jahaan se acha se Hindustaan hamara, Tera na mera , Bharat mahan mera ” meaning, India is the best , it’s not yours nor mine, it’s our, Our Great India. 🙂 I found the message very beautiful, and the underlying message of unity which it gives.

The day went very good. I was very happy to see the Independence Day celebrations everywhere. But there are few things which disturb me too.There are some people, it’s just one day, when they should think about the country! It’s such a shame when people think like that. It’s your Mother Land, how can one not love it, respect it or be proud of ir always !!

Yes our country is not perfect, there are many flaws but no country is perfect !! If it is not are you doing anything for it? Or atleast do you wish to do anything for it. It’s not necessary that one needs to be great to do anything for the country. Small small things and changes can make a difference too. For example, there are many who say India is not as clean as other countries, then why don’t they change their attitude and stop littering !!
Many teenagers share morphed and edited pictures of Indian leaders on social networking , and making fun of their failures, it doesn’t prove your greatness, but it is showing the world that you are weak. I broadcasted a message on whatsapp, saying to keep the spirit of independence alive, not only today but forever. And I get a reply like ” Independence Day is over ” I felt so shocked and irritated. So what?? Does it mean to stop loving or respecting a country?!

I know few people, teenagers and college students, who describe girls who wear Salwar kameez as ‘ Behanji ‘ . I really pity them. Why should someone be ashamed to wear Indian and ethnic clothes?! The youth believes it’s not ‘hep’ or not ‘cool’. But I feel it’s a shame when one doesn’t respect the traditional attire.

It’s human tendency to see the bad things first. Even a baby or a small kid learns bad things very easily than the good habits. There are many things in India to be proud of. It’s rich culture, diversity, unity. India has contributed a lot in fields of science and mathematics too. Well there are many many things. ( I can write a separate blog on it 😉 )

So be proud of your country. Don’t be ashamed of it. Just love it selflessly and truly. I do.
If you want changes to take place in your country, be the change, because the youth today, is the future of India.

Jai Hind.

– Straight From My Heart,

Prakriti Singh

Let the Music Play..

Music,  it’s an integral part of our lives,  knowingly or unknowingly. For some it’s a part of their daily routine,  for some music is everything and their life revolves around it, for some it’s a stress buster, or just a perfect company .

Right now,  I am travelling, on my way to college. I missed my regular direct train.  It is really annoying to miss direct ones. Particularly when it passes before your eyes and you can do nothing but regret !!
I have so many friends in train,  that the daily commute of one and a half hour seems nothing to me.
The same journey seems a pain when I am alone. !!

But I have my friends , my earphones and music.  I know when no one is there,  they are one to keep me entertained,  to delight me and even inspire at times.( Like it did this morning 🙂 )
  I look around in the train,  and I see everyone in my compartment is listening music !!  I see few heads nodding also while others are sleeping. 😉 🙂

Just plug in and forget the morning blues,  well that’s what every Mumbaikar does. I just got down at the station from where I have to change my train,  and I see almost every third person on the platform with earphones / headphones.

Well music is every traveller’s love.  Nature is very musical too.  There is music in the chirping of birds,  in the rain drops,  and all other sounds which can make your life musical. 

So go on , enjoy the music, use it in any way which suits you. Set up your mood,  as it is said that the kind of music you listen can influence your mood or majority chose the genre according to time,  mood and place.

Good Morning and. Have a great musical start of the day.  🙂

I just did 😉

– Straight From My Heart, 

Friendship, A Magical Relation…

On the occasion of Friendship Day , this one is dedicated to Friendship. It is a relation of not just mutual affection, but it’s integral to our lives, absence of which will make our life very difficult indeed.

Friendship is so powerful and amazing , that every relation is compared with it. A mother wants to be a child’s best friend, we say that our siblings are our closest friends, some find their truest friend in their girlfriend/boyfriend. The most purest feeling of Love is also compared with friendship. It is also said ” Friendship is Love” , and ” Friendship is the first step of love”.

We have so many friends, not everyone has the same priority and same value. But each one has their own value, every friend is needed and important in some or the other way. Many people find making friends as their hobby.

There are old friends, and childhood friends, who are with us for such a long time ,that they are like family. With them ,you are your true self, without any pretensions !! One can be as crazy and mad with them 🙂 We share many memories together. On the other hand , there are new friends, who are very excited and eager to know and understand each other. There are college friends, school friends, building friends , colony friends, family friends and what not !! I have library friends , dance friends, and train friends too ( A category of friends only Mumbai people can have 😉 🙂 ) The category of friends is never ending ! Each one is needed . As it’s said in Hindi “Har Ek Friend Zaruri hota  hain “.

Sometimes things which could’t be shared with family , are disclosed easily among friends , perhaps this is the reason why a mother desires to be a best friend. True friends understand each other even without much communication. Friends of friends become great friends too. Many a time, in a short span of time ,people become great and inseparable friends. 🙂  

And now , I have found people with same interests as mine on WordPress too , who always support my thoughts, encourage me , as a writer , as a person and a blogger . I share things with them . I can call them as my Blogging Friends 🙂

It’s not necessary that friends meet everyday or talk regularly. True friends can go a long time without talking or meeting , and yet when they meet, it’s like nothing is changed.

Isn’t it magical , a person who seemed nothing to you ,can later become one of the most important thing in your life. How our life can easily revolve around friends !! Every relation is compared with friendship !! However old friendship can be , somethings never change . It is indeed the magical relation . Cherish all your friends and keep making new ones too 🙂



-Straight From My Heart, 


Golden Words of Father

Even a short conversation can have a significant impact on your life,particularly when a person with great experience and knowledge is involved in it. This is about such a life-changing conversation I had yesterday.

I had promised myself that before the end of these holidays, I would try to know and explore myself better. Hence , I approached the Counselling Centre of St Xaviers college. I gave the Preference test and Career interest test there. Father Terry, the Director of counselling centre conducted it and he had called me yesterday for the evaluation’s discussion .

Initially he explained me the results of Career Interest Inventory and Personality Evaluation, he stated clearly, the results just show what your interests and preferences are, the results are just the compilation of what you are totally as a person. The counselling session gave me many lessons and moments to cherish . I am trying to narrate some of them, some of the golden words:

  • Confusion is not a problem: It’s human nature to be confused. We may like something now,but dislike it sometime later. We are confused about our choices, decisions, and it’s a very common dialogue, “I am confused in life”.Well ,it’s just normal and nothing bad about it.
  • Don’t feel inferior to others: Love and respect yourself.You may not be perfect,neither be good in everything. Every one has their own capabilities and talents.
  • Don’t Be Positive,Be Realistic !!: In contrary to the usually preached sayings and proverbs , like ” Always Be positive”, “Be Optimistic always”, Father believes it’s better to be realistic. Life will not always be good to you,there are ups and downs. Be prepared for the bad times. Accept failures, moreover, be practical. If we always keep thinking JUST positively, we may end up living in a hypothetical world where everything is good.
  • Be Respectful: Care and respect not only yourself, but others too. Respect every’s individual’s opinion. All suggestions/opinions may not please you, but you may get some useful information too.
  • Be Assertive: In your behavior and communication, be assertive. Feel free to express your feelings, know your rights, and control your anger. Don’t repress, but talk in a reasonable manner.
  • Make Mistakes: One of the ending words of the conversation “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, You will learn something from them “. 


I am glad I had the opportunity to meet him, and discuss my views with him too. I will try to bring the necessary changes in my life. The conversation must have lasted around 20 minutes,in those 20 minutes I learnt many things; This proves Experience matters a lot.

Either you will be happily successful or unhappily successful ,it’s upon you,to choose your way . There is nothing like happily unsuccessful, because if you are happy, your life is a success indeed. 🙂

-Straight From My Heart ,

Prakriti :).

From Strangers to Best friends…

The well known proverb “First impression is the best impression” ; may not be true always,especially in friendship .The first impression of anyone can be quite deceiving. I had a bad impression of almost all of the people who are now my closest and great friends . Being judgmental before the start of friendship or any other relation will just give us regrets.

Sometimes it takes many years to know people , whereas there are situations when we tend to know each other so much in a very short period of time, that it seems we have known each other since ages. It is rightly said that it’s not the age of the relation which makes it strong, but the heart to heart connections and the desire to know, understand and care each other is what makes it ever-lasting.

People who din’t meant anything to me two years ago, now mean a lot to me. When I joined college, I was not a library student at all, I used to spend most of my free time in the canteen with my classmates. I din’t do much during the after-hours of college, and rushed indeed as I had to travel one and a half hour or I had NGO work. With the beggining of second trimester of second year, my college life started changing. I started spending most of the time in the college library. I made a new friend and soon few of our mutual friends became great buddies. We all were different, belonged to different batches, but we sat nearby in library. Conversations started and soon we were known as the ” Library Group ” .

Out of the Library group members, 4 were my seniors, two my batch mate, ( one of them left the group later) and one my junior. I realized I started hanging with this group more than my classmates. Even our branches were different, the only thing common was library.. Yes we bonded over spending time in library,sounds strange but it’s true.

Soon we started going out too, initially to eat Panipuri 🙂 ( We all love Pani puri 😉 )

Then later we made plans for each and everyone’s birthdays, or just roam around. In a short period of time we had so much of affection between us. We helped each other in assignments, even though we were unaware of the subjects !!

Our likes, dislikes, interests matched. I started loving college more day by day. No matter from what time our lectures would be scheduled, we reached college, library particulary early in the morning without fail. All our pending assignments, writing work was done there, and as we were in a group, it was never a pain. We finished our works fast so that we could chat later. I stayed late in college. My class people noticed that all my assignments were completed before time, and I was always the first to complete them. Thanks to the library group.

We had endless group chats on Whatsapp, “Hey who all are free? ” , ” I am in lib” ,” come in library” some of the most common sentences of our chats 🙂 😉 .
The friendship wasn’t professional, as we were attached emotionally too. Even if one would be free, the person was supposed to wait for the others till they are done for the day. In short our day was incomplete without the seven of us sitting in library. 🙂

We din’t realize how time went so fast. It seemed we knew each other since birth, so strong our bonding had become. Now, the four seniors of the group are graduate. The group is shattered. It won’t be the same now. I would miss those ” Where are you? ” , ” when will you be free ” and all other whatsapp messages, the panipuri, outings, and everything. The three of us can still meet and will be meeting, but the incompleteness will always be there. I am glad we met, and it is not the end. We will always be friends, friends forever. Whenever I will enter college and then library I will be reminded of them and those days, all of us sitting together. But I have to accept their absence. There are still two years of my college life.

I never thought we would be such great buddies. In fact my first impression was that we are so different and would never be good friends. I ignored that thought and thankfully wasn’t judgemental about any of them; I would have missed a lot, and a beautiful chapter of my life din’t exist. And as we have promised we will always be friends..and there will be Dosti Forever.

– Straight from my heart,

Didi , My Beloved Sister.

Some feelings can’t be truly expressed, some moments can’t be genuinely captured and some relations are always cherished. This is about one of the most important and beautiful chapter of my life, my sister and me turning into a maasi, i.e. maternal aunt.

The Beginning

Being the youngest member of my family, and the naughtiest one too, I was always pampered and loved the most. I have many beautiful memories, and few bad ones , and some regrets. My brother, five years elder to me, was initially jealous of my existence, as would any five year old kid would be; when suddenly all the attention and love gets diverted somewhere else, that is on me. This is why my sister loved me more and cared more when I was a little baby/small kid. I spent a lot of time with my sister, I used to be like her tail, following her everywhere. When I started walking, playing and gradually understanding things,I supposed it’s my sister’s duty to entertain,guide,play and roam around with me.Every evening she used to go walking or to play, I followed her.My sister’s friend used to tease her,“Hey where’s ur tail?” And ya, that    tail was none other than me. I remember once she took a break from her studies and went for a walk with a building friend , without informing me(I was fast asleep). As my daily routine, I woke up and went near the window, I enjoyed looking out of the window. Obviously,I saw my Didi, and I got so furious, that I started throwing utensils and other stuff from the window; my flat was on 5th floor!!!

Growing together..

I accompanied her at times when she studied too, sometimes she started teaching me also what she was studying!! I knew what chlorophyll is and the reason why leaves are green when I was in I or II standard ! She taught me what is good and what is bad. Many times I cried while sleeping when I was small and had a bad dream. She used to freak out and panic so much, and consoled me and made me comfortable. All my school projects were made by her,and they were all , the very best, always and perfect. It made me feel so proud. 🙂

The Growing Trust

We have a 10 year age difference,but it never was a hindrance to our friendship and closeness. Few things which I couldn’t tell mom, I told her and she was always there with her   examples,opinions and advises. Not only I loved her so much,all my childhood friends did and still remember her till date. She used to teach us dance and prepare us for all stage-shows.

 A Role Model

My sister has always been a role model for me, perfect painter,dancer, student, and what not. She completed her studies , and started working also,and I was still in school, 7 std. I used to wait till she returned from office; to update her with throughout the day’s stories. We shared many secrets during our bedtime chats. That was the only personal time we used to get. I never understood at that time, what work she did,and her job profile, I was just proud of her , as always.

Left Alone ?!

Time passed by and after two years of working in Mumbai, during my 9th standard, she had to go to the US, onsite, officially. I was very scared and broken initially, as I never imagined myself without her presence.For so many years, we shared the same room , and then suddenly , I am to be all by myself !!! I always cribbed and desired a separate room,we always had fights, regarding “keep your things in place….” But I din’t like it,I had sleepless nights for few days. On the double bed too I slept in the second half,so used to my sister sleeping on the second half. Even now I have the habit of sleeping only on one  half  of a double bed,  I never sleep on the middle. Gradually I got used to it, I missed her a lot; but phones, social networking and internet have conquered all distances now,  and we kept talking. I  din’t actually had the habit of talking on phone but I learned that too. thanks to my beloved sister 🙂 :*

My Support System

During my tenth standard , my I board exam year she guided me how to study and even made a timetable for me, I followed it truly. I had seen her studying and it gave me immense inspiration. That year was very difficult for me, without her; not even that my brother and mother got operated , I lost my elder maternal uncle(Mama, and had problems with friends.

But I din’t lose hope, I worked hard and sincerely as my sister and I topped the exam. I stood first in school. For the first time in life I had something genuine to be proud of myself.

Her Marriage

She returned from the US, and her marriage got fixed. I was so damn happy for her and excited and nervous too. I wanted to spend the few days joyfully with her before the marriage.

By this time even I was a teenager , matured and hence our relationship strengthened more. We could discuss more topics frankly ,which earlier couldn’t have been possible.I felt the old days are back, endless fights, chats , and bedtime gossips.

I saw a new her , more happy,practical and fun loving.

The day came, day of her marriage. I was so nervous, I felt as if a part of my body will be separated again.I felt butterflies in my stomach. the day went very fast, I cried a lot on the vidaai day. And again I felt lost initially,but gathered myself again.

Post Marriage Situation

We talked regularly , and more closer & closer we came with time.My sister’s happiness made me happy. I liked going to her place, at Malad. I still shared all my gossips and secrets with her.  She will be settled in Mumbai, the thought made me very glad, that we can keep meeting. And,yes almost every weekend we met, but those meetings were not fulfilling, less of time spending and more of travelling.

Distances !?!

After sometime,a year or two after the wedding, my sister’s family decided to shift to Mysore and start their own business. My sister’s father -in-law informed me initially about this, they had bought acres of land,and planned to stay on a farmhouse. I could not digest it at first.Why would someone leave their well settled houses in Mumbai & shift near a village in Mysore!! ; Particularly two software engineers, highly paid & well experienced, these were my initial thoughts.

Then gradually , I realized, my sis made me understand ;they had experienced the IT world , made sufficient money,but when they used to look forward 5-6 years ,they were not interested in the typical 9 to 9 job and a monotonous life. Secondly, they have experienced rather explored whole of Mumbai,its outskirts,and nearby picnic spots. So , it wasn’t a painful decision for them to leave Mumbai.

Respect !! 🙂

Ultimately when I became aware of the goals: providing employment to the poor, being self-employed,and self-sustained , care for the environment,I felt very proud and it grew more respect for her.

……. Continued on Part II

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