Owe Dam, Kharghar: The Beauty and the Beasts

The more I spend time with nature, the more I find myself, the more I realize that happiness lies within, yet we search it in others.

Owe dam, Kharghar is such a place, to find oneself , to get lost in nature, to experience peace ! The moment I reached, I was mesmerized by the beauty, green hills all around; the calm and quiet water in centre.


The journey is more amazing, starts with wide clean roads and ends with off roading on muddy ground; starts with city and ends falling in love with a village, Owe camp.

I have been there many times, and every time I go there, I find and learn something new. The first time I went there, I was speechless. The nature lover within me wanted to stay there forever, and experience nature in its true form. Only a few minutes there can make someone feel so relaxed and peaceful from within.Every time I promise myself to be there back again. My friend took me there for the first time, it was an unplanned visit. We were four of us in car. The way is through Owe camp, and includes off-roading.Muddy roads surrounded by rice fields accompany us till the destination. We felt like dancing in joy, the colour green has some energy attached to it; it denotes freedom, freedom to grow. The green grass all around made us feel free, free from pollution, free from the crowd, and free from the hustle and bustle of the city. There were few villagers who were swimming in the dam water. We crossed the hill and sat peacefully on the other side. The place seemed untouched by humans, and that fascinated us more.


The second time, we were three girls on a two wheeler. More fun to drive on the muddy roads πŸ˜‰ Actually no, I was at the last and had to get down every time it got stuck. Unaware of the destination, they kept doubting me and my decision to come there, somehow I convinced them to keep going. This time we had to park our vehicle, a little far from the destination.


On the way we met a villager, she owned the rice fields there. We confirmed our way to the dam, and kept going. The feeling and sight on reaching was just the same, but there was something which was changed. The beauty of nature, which I described as untouched by humans, seemed disturbed. The place which was earlier just green had plastics and wrappers for biscuits and snacks. There were bottles at some places, bottles of alcohol. I don’t understand why people destroy nature to consume alcohol. There are places meant for that. We just sat for sometime, discussed few life-goals and left. On our way back, we met the same female, she was so excited to show the fields, so we had a look. She even posed for us. She explained a little about her life, and views on how “city people” act smart and destroy the beauty of the place. It was nice interacting with her, we learned that few boys got drowned while swimming in the dam. She then continued her work, and we continued to the “city”.

IMG_20150823_170048Β  Β  Β Β IMG_20150823_170202

The next time, I went there in the morning. My office friend wanted to see the place. It rained a lot the night before, hence the drive was difficult this time too. We had to park a few metres ahead of the destination, because of the fresh wet mud and puddles. Everything seemed more beautiful in the morning, the fresh green grass, the fields, the hills and the water ! We tried to capture the serenity of nature, which slowly got transferred within. Β It is difficult to describe the feeling, because some things can only be experienced.


On our way back, I was disappointed to see that the stone quarrying activities near it, have increased to a significant level. In the middle of such beauty, it was a disturbing sight !!


I wonder why do we humans keep disturbing nature ? Why do we disturb the balance, why do we destroy beauty, litter, pollute and spoil everything ! Are we humans , or beasts ? Can’t we keep some things as it is ? Can’t we live in harmony !

Hoping the next time I go there I don’t find some new beastly activity of humans. Till then, have a feel of the journey…

Humble request – If you plan to go there, please do not litter and be a human, not a beast πŸ™‚


Straight from my heart,


Video credits: Matthew Varkey

Song suggestion for video: Sindhya B.

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26 thoughts on “Owe Dam, Kharghar: The Beauty and the Beasts

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  1. I am planning to go to this place with one of my friend. I want to know whether this place is safe to go for girls? Like is it a very secluded place?


    1. Hi Reshu,
      Firstly thanks for visiting my blog. I have been there with 2 other girls, 3 on a scooty and it was too much fun !! You can surely go, but it won’t be green at this time.


    1. Hey Larissa,
      First of all thank you for reading my blog and for your feedback.
      It’s safe but I recommend you know a little Marathi in case you get stuck.


      1. Im quite in fluent in Marathi, but my friend from Kharghar says it’s not safe 😦 And will the water body still have water? What do you think? and I read your comment saying it wont be too green 😦 I want to be there for live painting..

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well, yes it won’t be that green now, but it surely is still beautiful. If you want I can send some pics on your email. Or you can visit during July. As far as safety is concerned, I don’t mind accompanying you. You can carry with your painting and I will keep writing πŸ˜€


      3. Whoa that would be great!!! my email id is dsa.larissa@gmail or you can dm me on Instagram, tried finding you, but couldn’t. I’m excited!


  2. Hey prakriti!
    It got me amazed to know about this place in kharghar and after reading this felt like going there right now. You have described this place in such way that the one will obviously feel like going there. I just need your help to find this place out. I stay in kharghar itself but never knew about this place could u just help me to know where is it?


  3. I am at owe dam right now. I came here first time. This is a awesome place. I searched more about it and got your blog.

    A serious concern- hell lots of plastic bottles and disposable plates, I think people party here and don’t bother to clean their mess.

    I am doing solo trekking now a days and see same mess everywhere 😒

    Also if we turn around we can see stone quarrying and too much disturbing to think that this place won’t exist like this if it continues.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Glad to hear from you with your nicely written blog on this unexplored Gem. As an amateur poem writer I too would be pleased to write few in this mesmerizing place. Would request you to share the location details to reach this wonderful place.

    Happy Writing !


  5. Glad to read about your experience on the Owe Dam and nicely written blog and beautiful description about the same. Indeed I too would like to explore this place, since I am also an amateur poem writer would like to pen down few in this mystic nature. Would be great if you share the location details to reach this unexplored place.

    Regards, Sachin


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