Why don’t we believe in ourselves ?

One of my friends asked me to reflect my thoughts on why people don’t believe in themselves. I wanted to write this post since so long , but couldn’t for some reason or other . Better late , than never..

Why is it that we are not confident about something ? Why do we think “we can’t do it ” ? Why cannot we gain the trust within ourselves that we can do it ?? I know many people who have all the potential to be successful, to give their best, but still can’t do it up to the mark , and degrade their performance, reason being lack of confidence, trust, belief in themselves.

We fear the outcome:Β Most of the time, anticipation of the end result , the final outcome troubles us, not the task. In this way, we lose focus , ultimately diverting our mind and losing concentration.

Underestimating one’s potential: Even if we are capable, we have all the required knowledge,skills, abilities, we underestimate ourselves. Particularly the females, we never give ourself the respect and belief we deserve.

Trusting others than ourself: We won’t trust ourself, our capabilities ,but would rather trust our friends, relatives and others. Remember, the most true and best friend one can have is , ourself.

We want others to believe in us: Accept it or not, somewhere we seek the trust and faith others have in us. That’s the reason we keep asking others , ” Can I do it ? ” , ” You think I will do it fine ” etc.
If taken positivitely its good. Atleast we should trust the trust others have in us πŸ˜‰

We are all aware of all the above mentioned things , yet fail to believe ourself. Nobody is perfect , still nothing is impossible.

You are unique in your own way, no one ,nothing can do your roles , responsibilities as perfectly as you can . No one can ever replace you

Believe in the philosophy of “Believe Yourself”

Straight from my Heart ,
Prakriti Singh

14 thoughts on “Why don’t we believe in ourselves ?

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  1. I truely believe in myself.. just lyk being selfish.. bcoz i know if i can complicate things dn only i will look for solutions to resolve dm..!! Dis is d point where i learn n build confidence.. my motivation “discover the roots” “fruits u cn make urself”..

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  2. Nice one Prakriti :). I like the last point, we want others to believe in us. That way I guess we can shift the responsibility on to them when we are not able to do that, we have an excuse. I wonder if we do that to keep ourselves safe sometimes!

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      1. That’s so true what you two said. We sometimes rely on others’ approval too much. I used to be too hung up on this – overly self-conscious – that it began to cripple me. The key is really self-appreciation and self-validation. πŸ˜€

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  3. Self belief is one of the first step to success. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, it will be difficult to succeed in anything..Believe in yourself and give yourself a chance. Man is what he believes. So, believe in tomorrow, believe in dreams and most of all BELIEVE IN YOURSELF !!!

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