Lets Get MODIfied

Narendra Modi’s victory , or rather India’s victory , has led to waves of happiness, hopes and anticipation of betterment. No, I am not going to write ‘Ab ki Baar… ‘ slogans or about hopes of change. Social media is already buzzed with it.. I obviously want the change to occur, India wants change and hence the decision.

People need to change first, specially the youth. There is a lot to learn from Modi’s life, from his story, and from his future plans… Implementing those learnings in our life, will help us become better people, better citizens and ultimately will help build a nation of energized and optimistic youth.

Some of the lessons that should be taken from Narendra Modi’s life are:


He is always optimistic regarding India’s future. He strongly believes that changes will take place. ”In 5 years, India will be a better nation ” shows the positivity in his attitude. When someone can be so confident about the condition of the country and his capabilities to do so, why do we doubt ourselves for even simple tasks! Its the positivity which gives us energy to reach our goals.

Find a goal and follow it;

Identify what makes you happy, what do you actually want to do in life. It can be as broad a goal like ” I want to do something for the country” . Once realized, narrow it down and find a path towards it.
Its fine if we dont know what we want from life, Modi wandered in the Himalayas, leaving family and home behind in search of finding a goal !

Turning Adversity into Opportunity:

This trait is very evident in our PM, from a tea seller at Vadnagar station, to the PM, it shows that he took all the unpleasant situations as an opportunity.

Dare to Dream:

Whatever be the present situation, always have a dream. However impossible may it seems but real winners are those who have a dream. Narendra Modi dared to dream inspite of the adverse situations, he dint go by the conventional path , and joined RSS and began his political career.

True Success is not a matter of few days

Narendra Modi’s story is another big example that there are no shortcuts to success. Success comes with struggle, failure, hardwork and perseverance. Also that success is not easy and it may take years for one’s actual dream to get fulfilled.

We , the youth wants instant success , we want high initial packages, we want our own house, car and what not, in very less time!! And these desires when not fulfilled, we are filled with disappointment and regrets. We search for happiness in materialistic things. And in this pursuit of happiness, we tend to forget our dreams, goals and passions. The number of dissatisfied or unemployed engineers and doctors is an evidence of this…

Hoping for a better youth and a stable economy…lets learn something from today’s hero…

– Straight from my Heart,

Spirit Of Independent India

15th August 2013 , Today India celebrated it’s 67th Independence Day. Our Indian flags , patriotic songs,  movies,  speeches the day was full of patriotism.

Everywhere,  there was the beautiful tricolour,  our National flag. I was dressed in tricolour too. It made me feel very good, dressed in those three colours. It gave me a sense of love and respect for the country. I wanted to show that I am proud, proud to be an Indian. I was not alone, I saw many people wearing the colours of India. I am always very happy and enthusiastic for Independence Day, like most of the people are for other festivals.

I came across a message in a mall today, “Saare jahaan se acha se Hindustaan hamara, Tera na mera , Bharat mahan mera ” meaning, India is the best , it’s not yours nor mine, it’s our, Our Great India. 🙂 I found the message very beautiful, and the underlying message of unity which it gives.

The day went very good. I was very happy to see the Independence Day celebrations everywhere. But there are few things which disturb me too.There are some people, it’s just one day, when they should think about the country! It’s such a shame when people think like that. It’s your Mother Land, how can one not love it, respect it or be proud of ir always !!

Yes our country is not perfect, there are many flaws but no country is perfect !! If it is not are you doing anything for it? Or atleast do you wish to do anything for it. It’s not necessary that one needs to be great to do anything for the country. Small small things and changes can make a difference too. For example, there are many who say India is not as clean as other countries, then why don’t they change their attitude and stop littering !!
Many teenagers share morphed and edited pictures of Indian leaders on social networking , and making fun of their failures, it doesn’t prove your greatness, but it is showing the world that you are weak. I broadcasted a message on whatsapp, saying to keep the spirit of independence alive, not only today but forever. And I get a reply like ” Independence Day is over ” I felt so shocked and irritated. So what?? Does it mean to stop loving or respecting a country?!

I know few people, teenagers and college students, who describe girls who wear Salwar kameez as ‘ Behanji ‘ . I really pity them. Why should someone be ashamed to wear Indian and ethnic clothes?! The youth believes it’s not ‘hep’ or not ‘cool’. But I feel it’s a shame when one doesn’t respect the traditional attire.

It’s human tendency to see the bad things first. Even a baby or a small kid learns bad things very easily than the good habits. There are many things in India to be proud of. It’s rich culture, diversity, unity. India has contributed a lot in fields of science and mathematics too. Well there are many many things. ( I can write a separate blog on it 😉 )

So be proud of your country. Don’t be ashamed of it. Just love it selflessly and truly. I do.
If you want changes to take place in your country, be the change, because the youth today, is the future of India.

Jai Hind.

– Straight From My Heart,

Prakriti Singh

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