Do you dare…

Do you dare to be yourself

when the world is faking it up,

Do you dare spending time alone,

when everyone is busy socializing,

Do you dare to travel solo 

when many groups are planning so many trips,

Do you dare to question yourself,

where the world wants to question everyone else, every politician, every celebrity, every government,

Do you dare to be truthful

where people are lying to themselves,

Do you dare to express yourself

where people are finding reasons to open up,

Do you dare to find yourself

where people have already lost themselves,

Do you dare to accept the past & move on

or join the increasing number of victims of depression,

Do you dare to appreciate someone

when everyone is hungry for praise & starving for appreciation,

Do you dare to be flawed

when everyone aims for perfection,

Do you dare to confront

rather than letting things go,

Do you dare to prioritize

and follow them straight,

Do you dare to selflessly help someone,

where the world is being selfish,

Do you dare to think beyond money & material ,

Do you dare to follow yourself ,

where everyone is following everyone ???

– Straight from My Heart,

Prakriti Singh

The Two Sides !!

There are two sides , to every situation, every thing , and even every person. We cannot get everything at the same time too. While there is something about any situation or incidence which makes us happy , there is something in the same situation that disappoints us. Its upto us to keep the balance.

In the last two weeks, there were some things which made me very happy with myself. I am keeping up with most of my resolutions, eating healthy, trying to control anger and better time management. I am taking conscious efforts to maintain my calm . My class had organized an awards night in the first week of this month. I won the “Most changed for the Good” and the “Angriest Person Award”Image

Even though I have controlled my anger to some extent, I am still the angriest person ;). But after receiving this, I am taking efforts to be known only for the positive side, – The changed me, the person who stays happy and keeps everyone around her happy 🙂 I am very thankful to everyone who supported me and helped me in this effort of mine . Thankful even to all of them of considered that I can never change , they are just an inspiration for me . Also , I am really sorry to all of the people who were hurt because of my temper.

While I am happy about my anger management , I am disappointed as I don’t write much these days. Will be working on it though. I will exercise more regularly. And will give more time to myself.

Towards Self Improvement,

-Straight From My Heart,


New Year, New Hopes, New Promises !!

The first week of the year went pretty well. I started my year doing things which I love the most -dancing and acting. I spent most of my last week dancing and preparing for a class-party drama . It was a week filled of excitement, fun and enjoyment 🙂 . Even dedicated time to myself and my dear ones.

Hoping I remain satisfied throughout the year. My new year resolution is to focus more on myself, to give more to myself, think less about what others are up to and above all, improve my health.I read it somewhere that your twenties are supposed to be your “selfish” years , the time when one should definitely think about their own desires and interests. I wish to do that !!

 I am purposely making my resolutions public, because then I would take more efforts to keep up with them. My goal is to have minimum regrets and complaints at the end of the year !!

I have many plans for the upcoming weeks, and months. All I can do is believe I will achieve all those goals. I am just glad I had a great start to the new  year 🙂

– Straight From my Heart,


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