A small token of gratitude

A teacher is not only someone who teaches, but one who inspires, encourages, supports, appreciates, recognizes talent and prepares their students for life. Be it for the daily life or, for the corporate life.
A teacher plays a very crucial role in shaping everyone’s personality.
Schooling will decide what kind of individual one becomes, what manners, basic etiquettes, command over language, competitive spirit one possess. In college, the professors teach us the right attitude towards life, prepares us to handle stress, multi-task, gives us a bigger picture of what life really is, guides us for our career, develops our personality and above all gives us a glimpse of the corporate world. And there are dance teachers, music teachers, swimming coach who brings out the hiddden talent from all their students. Makes them believe that they can do anything.

Accept it or not, for most of the students, their first role model is a teacher. We look forward to them for everything, any advice and guidance. Teaching is not an easy job. A teacher is supposed to know everything, be prepared for every question, and should always be right !! They play many roles together, teacher, counsellor, advisor, and even that of a friend, to name a few.

Even after having all the industry knowledge, awareness of latest developments and trends, and even experience, they chose to be in the education field. They want to shape futures, want to contribute in development of youth. Its their passion to educate the world. Many people, specially the youth today thinks there is no growth in this profession, but the fact is, their learning never ends, and they keep growing, in terms of knowledge, experience and wisdom.

As our PM Narendra modi said,

Teaching is not just another profession. It is a divine responsibility to guide and enlighten

We should all respect our teachers, professors, coaches, lecturers.I want to thank my teachers for everything. Their support, encouragement, recognition and appreciation played a crucial role in my personality development, without which I would not have acheived anything, and would not be in the same place as today.Their examples, experiences, stories and lessons will stay in my life forever. Really grateful for everything, words are less to describe my  gratitude towards them..

-Straight from my Heart,
Prakriti Singh

Because a mother knows best…

She would sense a problem before anyone or anything else in the world could, she will be the best critic, yet the best and constant supporter. No matter how worst any situation is , her support will make us feel that everything will be alright. A mother is a unique species on this planet , having powers superior to a normal human. Everyday should be mother’s day , every day she should be acknowledged how special she is , because its not a single day she devotes to her children , she devotes her full life for the happiness of her kids. However big we think we have become ,for our Mom , we will always remain the little child who needs the same care , love and support throughout.

Its amazing how my Mom identifies that I am hiding something from her, and even one or two guesses and she will also come to know what is it that I am hiding. The best solution for my problem will be ready altogether. All my secrets are safe with her, in fact there can be nothing hidden from her. My mom knows all of my friends, the ones who are very close to me , the ones which mean a lot to me , and some whom I dislike for some reason , also she knows whom to approach to complain about me and take my updates, if any 😉

Attempt lying to her, and you will be caught sooner or later.. Because she will go to the depth of it and find out. 😉 She is the most patient human on this planet , as she handles everything and me particularly, so well !!

A Mom is a best manager , no MBA degree or business experience will make anyone as efficient , reliable and quicker than her. She manages everything from kitchen to every member , also will be highly organized and keeps track of all the things without using any technology. In terms of time management and negotiation also, no one can beat her. I can’t even imagine being on time to college without her ( I am a pampered child 😉 )

No food can replace the taste of a mother’s food. A mother is a multi talented and multi tasking personality, she is a cook , a manager, a teacher, a consultant , a bestfriend and for me , a fashion designer, the best hang-out partner and even gossip partner 😉 and what not…

As my mom says ” Maa ki mamta tum tab hi samjhoge jab tum Maa Banoge” ( You will only realize what motherhood is , when you yourself will become a mother )


Love you Mom ,

Straight From My Heart ,


Spirit Of Independent India

15th August 2013 , Today India celebrated it’s 67th Independence Day. Our Indian flags , patriotic songs,  movies,  speeches the day was full of patriotism.

Everywhere,  there was the beautiful tricolour,  our National flag. I was dressed in tricolour too. It made me feel very good, dressed in those three colours. It gave me a sense of love and respect for the country. I wanted to show that I am proud, proud to be an Indian. I was not alone, I saw many people wearing the colours of India. I am always very happy and enthusiastic for Independence Day, like most of the people are for other festivals.

I came across a message in a mall today, “Saare jahaan se acha se Hindustaan hamara, Tera na mera , Bharat mahan mera ” meaning, India is the best , it’s not yours nor mine, it’s our, Our Great India. 🙂 I found the message very beautiful, and the underlying message of unity which it gives.

The day went very good. I was very happy to see the Independence Day celebrations everywhere. But there are few things which disturb me too.There are some people, it’s just one day, when they should think about the country! It’s such a shame when people think like that. It’s your Mother Land, how can one not love it, respect it or be proud of ir always !!

Yes our country is not perfect, there are many flaws but no country is perfect !! If it is not are you doing anything for it? Or atleast do you wish to do anything for it. It’s not necessary that one needs to be great to do anything for the country. Small small things and changes can make a difference too. For example, there are many who say India is not as clean as other countries, then why don’t they change their attitude and stop littering !!
Many teenagers share morphed and edited pictures of Indian leaders on social networking , and making fun of their failures, it doesn’t prove your greatness, but it is showing the world that you are weak. I broadcasted a message on whatsapp, saying to keep the spirit of independence alive, not only today but forever. And I get a reply like ” Independence Day is over ” I felt so shocked and irritated. So what?? Does it mean to stop loving or respecting a country?!

I know few people, teenagers and college students, who describe girls who wear Salwar kameez as ‘ Behanji ‘ . I really pity them. Why should someone be ashamed to wear Indian and ethnic clothes?! The youth believes it’s not ‘hep’ or not ‘cool’. But I feel it’s a shame when one doesn’t respect the traditional attire.

It’s human tendency to see the bad things first. Even a baby or a small kid learns bad things very easily than the good habits. There are many things in India to be proud of. It’s rich culture, diversity, unity. India has contributed a lot in fields of science and mathematics too. Well there are many many things. ( I can write a separate blog on it 😉 )

So be proud of your country. Don’t be ashamed of it. Just love it selflessly and truly. I do.
If you want changes to take place in your country, be the change, because the youth today, is the future of India.

Jai Hind.

– Straight From My Heart,

Prakriti Singh

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