New Year, New Hopes, New Promises !!

The first week of the year went pretty well. I started my year doing things which I love the most -dancing and acting. I spent most of my last week dancing and preparing for a class-party drama . It was a week filled of excitement, fun and enjoyment 🙂 . Even dedicated time to myself and my dear ones.

Hoping I remain satisfied throughout the year. My new year resolution is to focus more on myself, to give more to myself, think less about what others are up to and above all, improve my health.I read it somewhere that your twenties are supposed to be your “selfish” years , the time when one should definitely think about their own desires and interests. I wish to do that !!

 I am purposely making my resolutions public, because then I would take more efforts to keep up with them. My goal is to have minimum regrets and complaints at the end of the year !!

I have many plans for the upcoming weeks, and months. All I can do is believe I will achieve all those goals. I am just glad I had a great start to the new  year 🙂

– Straight From my Heart,


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