Time is the Ultimate Master

We all have complained and still do , sometime or the other , about people changing their behaviours, attitudes and thinking. We may like some person since years, but start disliking the same person later in life. Then , we eventually start blaming ourselves for the wrong decision , or the wrong situations. We always compare situations , and people ,” You were not like this “, “You haven’t done this before” or a simple clean statement -“You have changed”. 

These are some of the dilemmas we all face in our day to day life. We interrogate ourselves and try to find the answer of “What went wrong?” It is just that the time is dynamic and never-pausing. Time decides the situations , need, and behaviour. 

Where changing times is the reason for many problems, time is truly the best healer too. I have realized that it’s not in our hands to control certain things.We should accept that priorities change with time too. Continuously thinking and trying to find a solution would not help always. Sometimes it just better to leave the things as they are and let time take the decision. 

Time will give the answers to all our questions.. just hold on and keep faith and trust. 🙂


– Straight From my Heart,


Tough times

Hello all,  no,  it’s not that I have quit blogging or forgotten the blogging world.
I was very busy all these days, managing home and college.  My family was out of station , I had my sessional exams going on. For the first time I had stayed away from my family,  I missed them, in fact I ‘m missing all..( my brother is back)  . Irrespective of the time one spents with family or the amount of time we talk with the members,  family is always a constant support system.  At times I felt so lost and gloomy too.
My exams went fine,  I managed somehow.

I am free for sometime as my tests got postponed,  I don’t like the reason though ( A guy from my batch committed suicide,  May his soul RIP)

I have lots to say,  feelings to be shared and topics to be discussed, will be posting shortly. And I will check out everyone’s blogs to get updated.

Take care,

– Straight From My Heart,

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