Tough times

Hello all,  no,  it’s not that I have quit blogging or forgotten the blogging world.
I was very busy all these days, managing home and college.  My family was out of station , I had my sessional exams going on. For the first time I had stayed away from my family,  I missed them, in fact I ‘m missing all..( my brother is back)  . Irrespective of the time one spents with family or the amount of time we talk with the members,  family is always a constant support system.  At times I felt so lost and gloomy too.
My exams went fine,  I managed somehow.

I am free for sometime as my tests got postponed,  I don’t like the reason though ( A guy from my batch committed suicide,  May his soul RIP)

I have lots to say,  feelings to be shared and topics to be discussed, will be posting shortly. And I will check out everyone’s blogs to get updated.

Take care,

– Straight From My Heart,

The Bond of Love

This one dedicated to my brother.  Yesterday we celebrated Rakshabandhan. It’s not only a day when a sister ties a thread (Rakhi) on her brother’s wrist,  but it has a deeper meaning too.

A sister prays for her brother’s long life and her brother promises to protect her always. Every relation has it’s own value, but nothing could be as unique, and  unpredictable as a brother -sister relation.

When I prayed to God,  this Rakhi, I would like to thank him for many reasons.

– For giving me a friend,  whom I can always trust.

– A constant supporter,  who kept supporting me whenever I was low.

– A wellwisher,  whose prayers will always work for me.

– A critic,  who will find faults in me or my work, only to bring out the best from me.

Well I can go on and on with adjectives. We have many fights,  our opinions don’t match many times, we have literally abused and attacked physically too 😉 ( Those days,  good old days 😉 )
But we both know, that we will always be there for each other. We both never express our love,  we never need to because we are always together,  either at home or on Whatsap 😉

There are many things,  jokes and gossips , and secrets that are only between us and only we both can understand. 🙂 😉

I know we both are used to each other’s presence. I know he misses me when I am not at home 😉 , so do I.  Due to his busy work schedule (shifts) we cannot spend enough time,  but when we do,  it’s awesome. Even though we have a 5 year age gap,  he is still my bestfriend who understands me very well, and he knows everything about my college life.

I am glad to have an amazing elder brother like him 🙂

Love you bro,

– Straight from my Heart,

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