Off the Track!

Something is wrong with me these days!  Weird things happening to me!  Or rather I am behaving weirdly….

Many things have changed in me. I don’t like the changes though. I am becoming lazy :-/  I get late for college everyday. I am the kind of person who preferred getting up before the sunrise, I believe watching the sunrise gives me energy for the whole day. Never in the last 3 years I have been late continuously for about 2 weeks.

I am a litte lost these days too. Yesterday I got in the wrong train. And now, today,  I forgot to get down, realized after 3 stations . Waiting at the platform for my Andheri train,  I am wondering what is  wrong with me!!

Another complaint I have from myself is that I am sleeping a lot these days.  Like more than required. I used to go on for days with sleeping for 3 hours also !!

Maybe I am just too tired being punctual.  Or that my exams were so exhausting that my body and mind wants to relax.( Even though I took many breaks 🙂 )

I don’t even spend much time with family. I just go home, finish some of my tasks and sleep.

I write less these days. There was a time I posted daily.

Maybe I have just entered the lazy mode after being in the nerd mode 😉
Whatever it is,  I will be back on track. I have to,  and want to…
Life is all about believing in oneself ultimately…:-)

– Straight From My Heart,

Unavoidable Changes

The last genuine holidays of my student life ended . College started from Monday. I never imagined it would be so difficult for me to resume back to normal.

My daily travelling routine from Navi Mumbai to Mumbai started, I am used to it.  But getting up early and taking 7 09 train was something I did after 6 months.  I din’t feel like going on Monday. I was sad for the holidays were over. Not that I din’t enjoy them, travelling,  trekking, bird watching, painting , writing,  meeting friends, I did everything I love. But there was a feeling I will not get the amount of me-time I used to get. My mom had to literally throw me out of the house.  😉

Somehow I reached college. I was missing my library group too, and was reminded of those days when we used to sit and have fun together,  all of us. Then there was an orientation program,  where we were told to change ourselves as we have entered a PG program now. We are supposed to be mature and disciplined now !! And no late comers allowed in class,  not even 5 minutes. In fact there was a guideline mentioning to reach class 5 minutes before!! 

The second day was a little better. I got my regular direct train but was disappointed to when I found that many of my train friends had stopped travelling by it. 😦  They all used to be a part of my life… Seeing and meeting them left my day incomplete. The one and a half hour journey never seemed long when all of us were present.

Yesterday only management lectures  were there. This is another change , from being technical to going totally non technical. I liked the subjects and lectures too.  Nothing to note down,  just sit,  interact and discuss. Management seems so refreshing after studying all the technical subjects.

I was very happy after the last lecture, as it interested me.  But my happiness din’t last long as I realized trains got canceled due to continuous heavy rains!! 😉

Hope I will get uses to the all the changes soon.  I have to and I know I will very soon.  Anyway change is an unavoidable part of life.  The sooner we accept it,  the better it is!

-Straight from my heart,

Focus On Yourself …


In the race of life, the so-called race, we tend to ignore the most important individual, that is YOU. Yes , this post is about the need of focusing and caring about yourself. Majority of us are so busy in competing with one another, or just comparing yourself with someone else. But if we leave everyone aside, and think about our personal growth, our satisfaction, interests and desire, and rather compete with yourself, we would be a better individual.

The first step in developing yourself as a better person would be to Love yourself . Whatever you are,however you are, just love yourself. Not everyone is perfect. If one doesn’t love oneself, then it’s stupid to expect others to respect you. But don’t live in a hypothetical world, where you are perfect and you feel there is no scope for improvement.!!

The other most important thing is to Know Yourself, your likes, dislikes , interests. Many people reading this would be thinking , well everyone knows themselves.. No it is not true. We end up many times knowing ourselves wrongly, and try to be satisfied with it. Maybe that’s why we end up making wrong decisions , and having regrets in life, think about it.

Some people love commenting , discussing, and even criticizing someone else’s life, I believe they are the saddest and most jobless people in the world. Every person is different, you should respect their opinions and way of living. Instead that time can be used in self-development.

I have read many blogs about heart-breaks, spoiled relationships, wastage of time in getting over one’s ex and similar stuff. When in a relationship too, focus on yourself. I am not telling to be selfish, and leave your relationships aside, but don’t lose yourself in the process of maintaining the relation. I believe if a person really loves you, he/she would never want you to ignore yourself and just think about him/her.

Spend time with yourself daily, it sounds weird , but it is very important to keep yourself asking whether you are satisfied, happy with your life , or a decision in particular. Enhance your good qualities, and try diluting the bad ones. Try new things, take challenges, Explore Yourself . Do one thing everyday which not only makes you happy,but also defines you as an individual. Cultivate your passions, which may be lost somewhere, due to responsibilities or the fast-paced life, find them , and don’t let them go. As the saying goes, ” Life is too short to live with regrets” , Take time and Focus on Yourself. 🙂 🙂

– Straight from My Heart,



What goes Around comes Around

In today’s world, where people believe everyone is selfish,uncaring and preoccupied, there are still few who love to help, care and console. This is about a new lesson I learnt yesterday.

I am among the ones who believe that everyone is good if you are good.I always try to see and appreciate the positive side of an individual. Also,  I trust people easily too . Many of my friends shout at me,  and tell me, “not everyone is good ” . I just smile back and reply “not everyone is bad” . Many consider me mad and stupid because of this, and most of the people reading this may be thinking the same.

Yesterday I was in real trouble, I had gone to collect my internship certificate, I worked in a government organization and it took a lot of time to get ready. Finally I got it, from there I went to my college to meet my sir. I met one of my friend there, my handbag was too small for the certificate so I asked him to keep it safely in his bag. While going back,  my friend and me shared the auto. We got down near the station. He headed for his classes, and I took my train.  As soon as my train started I realized I din’t had my certificate. I got scared as I thought I took it from my friend and left it in the auto,I was not sure though . I blanked out for few seconds. Government procedures take time,  and I got the certificate after a long time. Plus,  I din’t had my phone.

Seeing my panic -stricken face one lady in train asked me if she could help. I asked for her phone to make an urgent call. I called my friend, he din’t answer. She insisted me to try again,  I did so, but in vain.

I got down at next station and returned to Andheri ( the station where my college is,  and my friend’s classes too ) . I went to the PCO and kept trying his number. The shopkeeper of the PCO also asked me what the matter was, I asked him whether he knew about any CCNA classes.  He told me there are many classes nearby and tried other shopkeepers but no one had any idea.

My idea was to first confirm from my friend whether he had the certificate and then accordingly take action. But he wasn’t picking up and I din’t knew where his classes were. I just remembered it was in some building near station. I went to the nearest building and enquired. The receptionist of one of the classes helped me,  and came along with me,  to check in other classes in that building too. I saw three girls near that building,  and requested one of them for the phone to make a call.  Again no reply I got.

Tears rolled down my eyes. How can I be so irresponsible? I was wondering. The girls noticed the tears, calmed me down and consoled. I explained them the whole scene,  they first brought me out of my panic mode. They accompanied me to another building where classes are held. The manager there also helped me and offered water. Those girls were already late for their classes,  still were helping me. I thanked all and told I shall manage so that they could get back to their works.

Finally I got my certificate. It was with my friend only,  he received the call during the break. It was a very hectic and strange day.  I kept running from one coaching classes to another like a lost,  helpless girl.  I felt weak at a point of time.

But at the end of the day,  I just smiled. I was thinking about the people who helped me,  the lady in the train,  the receptionist, the three girls,  the manager of other classes,  the PCO uncle for his concern.  They left their works,  and took time for me to listen and help. They made me realize that the world is not that bad a place. I was touched and glad. I was reminded how once I helped a lady in train , how I consoled a girl crying in washroom,  and many other incidences. I have always helped people,  I love to. This time I was in their place,  I needed help,  and received it too.

Though strangers,  I will always have a special place and sense of respect for them in my heart. Moreover,  I learned an important lesson…Whenever you lend a helping hand to anyone, someday,  you will receive help in trouble too. Truly and blissfully experienced this.  All the blessings count, if you are good,  people will be good.  I wasn’t wrong.  Ultimately,  what goes around comes around. Be good,  do good,  help all and you will find reasons to smile… 🙂 🙂

– Straight from My heart,

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