In the limelight

Finally done with my research proposal submission.  Not that I had to struggle a lot for that,  but sometimes the happiness is just because it’s over.  😉

Happy to have some time for myself. It was an amazing day today and I am very happy. One reason being that the submission is over… another is that I was in the limelight.  😉

Yes,  in the limelight, for my acting skills,  for my entertaining power and my ability to make people laugh.  🙂 And also for being a good and active student too 😉

It feels amazing to make people laugh,  to make someone forget their worries and to make them laugh till it hurts. I laugh with them too. I really like it when people appreciate me,  as an actor,  as an mimic. 

As a child, I always wanted to be an actress,  or a dancer.And then A phase came when I was keen on being a writer. But dreams fade eventually.

But today, I have no regrets , even though not a writer,  a blogger,  with decent followers. Even though not an actor,  I exhibit my talent. Not a dancer,  but will never leave a chance to dance, everyone is aware of it 😉 . In the limelight, not on a big stage,  but it matters…Life is all about living up with your dreams and realizing then too.

A big big thanks to everyone who encourage,  appreciate,  and for their love..  I know I am awesome 😉

– Straight from My Heart,

Keep Laughing.

Smile More, Laugh More

Its difficult to define happiness, it’s a feeling experienced,  felt and expressed.  When asked to define happiness or reasons behind it,  we wouldn’t have a perfect answer.
My friend asked me yesterday,  reasons why I am always smiling and happy , and highly motivated.
I couldn’t give him the answer. So I went introspecting myself to realize some of the things,  which make me happy.

I find happiness even in the smallest possible things, starting from seeing the sunrise,  seeing the sunset to as minute as a good friend complimenting or appreciating . Nature is my biggest inspiration. It defines life,  with all it’s shades..  Brightness,  dull,  cloudy,  darkness.  Every day has some thing or event as bright and inspiring as the sunrise and as hard as the darkness of the night.

Another simple thing I follow,  smile, a lot,  whenever possible. There are many benefits of it.  It reduces stress,  keeps a light mood.  Even if people think you are mad at long as its doing good to you,  it’s no harm. Research claims that smiling and laughing more is very healthy and it makes us more happy.

Dance… It’s another thing which makes me happy. I always dance a little, everyday, whenever possible. It makes me forget my worries and frustrations.  As Vh1 says,  Life is a dancefloor and You are the music. Life is incomplete with us. Do one thing which makes you happy and forget the rest.

Help someone,  bring smile in someone else’s life,  atleast for that day 😉  . Helping others makes me happy too..

Don’t think what others think about you. Just be yourself. Because when we dont we are just fooling ourselves. Stay away from negative sources and people. And think that life is awesome,  the psychological factor always helps.

And last but not the least,  writing makes me happy, I will write even if no one reads 😉

-Straight From My Heart,

Keep Smiling : )

Remember your ABCs to Achieve your Dreams!!


Day before yesterday while coming home from college,  I saw a lady selling posters near the station. There were many people surrounding her. It made me curious and even I decided to check out the posters and other stuff she was selling.
I came across a very beautiful poster but a very beautiful message on it

To Achieve your Dreams
Remember your ABCs

Avoid negative sources, people,  things or habits

Believe in yourself

Consider things from every angle

Don’t give up

Enjoy life today; Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come.

Family and friends are hidden treasures. Seek them and value them.

Give more than you planned to give.

Hang on to your dreams

Ignore those who try to discourage you.

Just do it

Keep on trying ,no matter how hard it seems. It will get better.

Love yourself first and foremost

Make it happen

Never lie,  cheat , or steal.  Always strike a fair deal.

Open your eyes and see things as they really are.

Practice makes perfect

Quitters never win and winners never quit

Read,  study and learn about everything important in your life

Stop procrastinating

Take control of your own destiny

Understand yourself in order to better understand others

Visualize it

Want it more than anything

Xccelerate your efforts

You are unique amongst all of nature’s creations. Nothing can replace you

Zero in on your target, and go for it!

A 10 rs poster but such a beautiful message . It is rightly said everything is not valued by its price. Will always try to remember these in life. It made my day 🙂

-Straight from my Heart,

I am alive!! ;)

This is just an update to inform that I am alive,  and totally fine . It’s been a long time I haven’t written anything nor I am updating my friends these days.
My life is college now,  and college is my life nowadays. 😉
In the last 3 weeks,  I was in college for 2 sundays too. I dont even message my friends a lot these days. Some of my school friends have even stopped asking me ” what’s going on ” , as mostly the answer is tests/ presentation. Whenever I get free time I prefer spending with my family. 

Still everyday,  there’s something to cherish, something new to learn,  and few regrets too. And on the positive side,  the bonding between the college friends is becoming strong day by day as we understand each other well 🙂

Hope to post soon and regularly !!!

– Straight From my Heart,

Losing Yourself ?!?

Competition, responsibilities, worries,  confusion, show off, regrets, in the middle of such things , some start losing ourselves. People forget the real self they used to be and become someone else,  a different perosonality!!

I was talking day before yesterday with my old friend,  who used to be so jolly,  happy, used to make others smile,  was very strong, filled with positivity, an attitude,  to change,  to be a perfect person.
But now,  the person, I knew is lost,  lost somewhere, is filled with negativity and regrets. 

Living in the past will always give nothing but sorrows. Thinking about things beyond our control is simply waste of energy and time. We all know this,  still we think too much, live with regrets somewhere in our heart.

Don’t let situations to rule you. Stay in the present. Its better if we focus our imagination in many other things and mainly ourselves.
Don’t lose yourself,  its the biggest loss for an individual than anything. If you feel lost somewhere, sometime,  give time to yourself and try rediscovering.
As I always say life is all about loving yourself.

– Straight From my Heart

Managing Time – The Train way ! ;)

There is so much to learn,  from  every incident, every statement and many people.
From the past few days,  I am just going home to sleep,  college takes all of my day !! I stay almost 14 hours outside home. At times I feel so tired and frustrated. My friends say to get a flat near college and that I waste my time in travelling.

But that would be losing an essential part of my life,  most of my inspirational thoughts for writing arrise while I am travelling!  And I am not the only one who travels so much,  there are so many of them. I see so many working women and house wives in train everyday,  they have so many responsibilities . When they can,  why I can’t! Most of my introspection happens while travelling . My homework and assignments are completed in train too. It’s like the buffer time for me, whatever I couldn’t do I will finish in that time.

Life is all about believing in oneself,  and I believe I will manage everything . Afterall,  being an MBA student , I should know and practice Time Management 😉 🙂

“Me” Time

We take so many things for granted, our parents, friends, good people. There comes a time when we take ourselves for granted too.

In this busy life, we tend to forget what we actually want. It feels so good when we take a break,  pamper ourselves,  and do things we love. !

I was having a very busy time managing college , I had my sessional exams. I ignored myself so much during that time,  no proper food,  sleep,  and less of talking with friends. On Tuesday,  my exams got over. I decided I will spend the time myself the next day. ( It was a holiday) I gave myself a hair spa( which I needed terribly), facial,  and then danced on my favorite tracks. I was home alone.. I did cooking. After so long I talked properly to my sister and my bestfriend from school.I wrote after a long time expressing my feelings . Even though I had a sound sleep the previous night,  I slept in afternoon again, compensating for the week.  😉 🙂
It felt so good,  I was so happy that day. Sometimes we just need to spend quality time with oneself
It was the best home alone ever. Giving time to myself. 🙂
Hope I get such  me-times frequently and that I don’t avoid myself completely.

– Straight From My Heart, 

Strange Emotional Attachments !

I get emotionally attached to non living things.  Yes, inanimate, lifeless things, even they have a value in my life. I care for them and don’t want my things to get lost. Well, is it wrong, caring for your things!!  I Googled regarding this, thinking I have a psychiatric syndrome which needs to be diagnosed or treated, but it’s no serious an issue and there are thousands of people like me !

Small, or big some things can have strange value, in fact attachments. Everyone has that one non living thing with which they feel attached. For me, there are many such things. The reason for attachment can be memories attached to it, or simply the long time it has been with you, or the feeling of possessiveness. I recently lost my darling pencil, I considered it lucky, and I had it since my 12th grade(for almost 4 years) All my exams, and important things I carried that pencil with me. Maybe it’s just psychological that it is lucky or it brings good. I had hopes I would get it back, I enquired for it on Whatsapp groups too !! But in vain.

People close to me knew what that pencil meant to me, and they sympathized too. Others showed concern, while there were others who laughed and mocked at me. Most of these “others” are the people who recently joined our campus, and are unaware of my complicated personality. I still made them understand. But they made a fuss about it, and kept discussing about me enquiring for a pencil. Yes I know its not something usual, but if you are not bothered, don’t bother at all . I just pity them. I also don’t like many things about many people but I don’t bitch, I respect that each individual has different opinions and personality.

Just imagine if a person cares and loves so much for non living things, gets attached to them, how much care, love, concern and affection would such a person give to other humans. I don’t even care what some people think about me in this case, because it’s their loss in spoiling relationships with a caring person. I was always helpful to all, and will be in future too. And if we go about thinking what others think about us, then we will end up pleasing none.

To the people who took my getting attached to things as a joke – Grow up, instead of laughing on others feelings and problems, Get a life of your own ! 😉  A meaningful one too 😉 ) One day you may lose something valuable too, I am sure you don’t expect others to laugh that time.


-Straight From My Heart,


Love yourself Always 🙂

Happy Realization !?!

Sometimes in a very short span of time, you learn many lessons , realize many things and make new promises to yourself. I can say , the last few days , was such a time for me. Maybe , I am just thinking too much , or just spending a lot time with myself !! But whatever , I am just happy, I realized many things, it was like a “Happy Realization” week for me 😉

Some of the realizations and lessons :

  • Firstly, the grass is always greener on the other side, I am truly experiencing this. All these years , I was wishing to be independent , to take care of home on my own , with full freedom , without being answerable to someone. And when I have the opportunity, I am tired in 10 days !! I want my family to be back. I realized I am more of a family person , rather than the assumption me and even my family had , that I am an extremely social animal !! Yes I am extrovert but family matters a lot to me.
  • Some people cannot be as good , as you are to them. I always believed that world is not that bad a place !! But it is not all good too. Some people are mean, selfish and too calculative. I hate fake people . If a person is being fake with the world, I believe he is fooling himself first , and then the world. It’s the fake person’s loss , not ours.
  • I don’t care what such “fake”  people think about me . If one is good with me , I will be like the best person they would ever meet , if I realize one was just fooling around, I will not care even a little. (Yes , I  can be mean too 😉 )
  • There are few people , who love you, care for you so much , that whatever be their actions , their long term aim is just our happiness. I am glad to have such wonderful “few” people with me.
  • I think a lot at times about others, helping others, that I forget helping myself ! I feel even I should start thinking at least a little about myself, if not selfishly like many people I realize do.
  • Being too frank and open can lead you to trouble.
  • Listening to your heart makes you feel very happy and satisfied .
  • When I think I can do it, I will do it ! 🙂


And many others !!

Last but not the least , writing makes me happy. It makes me feel connected with myself ! And I missed it all these days 😉


-Straight from my Heart ,




Tough times

Hello all,  no,  it’s not that I have quit blogging or forgotten the blogging world.
I was very busy all these days, managing home and college.  My family was out of station , I had my sessional exams going on. For the first time I had stayed away from my family,  I missed them, in fact I ‘m missing all..( my brother is back)  . Irrespective of the time one spents with family or the amount of time we talk with the members,  family is always a constant support system.  At times I felt so lost and gloomy too.
My exams went fine,  I managed somehow.

I am free for sometime as my tests got postponed,  I don’t like the reason though ( A guy from my batch committed suicide,  May his soul RIP)

I have lots to say,  feelings to be shared and topics to be discussed, will be posting shortly. And I will check out everyone’s blogs to get updated.

Take care,

– Straight From My Heart,

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