Class Room No 75 !!

We always value things more, when we lose them , or when we know it’s not going to be the same any more. No, its not my college farewell I am talking about, still have an year for it… Well , where most of my friends are attending their college farewell parties, my class people and me are worried about our class not being the same any more . We will be splitting up according to our MBA specializations . For 4 years , we have been together , faced every difficulty, every situation together, had fun together, also made fun of everyone, and even bitched together 😉 🙂

Never we realized when the “initial so many groups” from first year, merged together , into one class, one family !! There was a time when our class was an epitome of groupism . Things changed, situations changed, people changed, and with time , there came unity, the feeling of togetherness among us.

One major reason , I believe in  bringing this unity is Class room 75 and our management professors and rules. We were so busy with some submission or some assignment that we started spending most of time in class. College to us , meant Class room no 75. That class, became our library , canteen , lounge , everything !! 😉 🙂 That was time when the groups gelled up, people came out of the so called “group boundaries.” The 30 minute lunch break rule did something good for us 😉 🙂

We are so used to the class, same people sitting in their almost fixed places. Everyone of us, are special in their own way , and we together made the class complete – some who always came late, some who always kept asking questions , well there are some who taught professors instead 😉 , Some who always made us laugh , some angry ones, and few who always wanted “Mass Bunk” and “Chuttttii” (Holiday). The active people of the class who made the lectures interesting…. And then there is one girl who tied everything , everyone together, our beloved CR. She made sure everything is in place, and everyone is happy 🙂

We are all our true selves when together, we can express ourselves without any inhibitions, and can do the craziest of things. Its not going to be the same any longer, but change is the only constant thing in this world. One class , or not , we will always be together, endless Whatsapp chats, Snapchats , calls , meetings , plans will always be on 🙂

As some people would say , “We got the Swag ” and will always have it 🙂


Love you all,

– Straight from my Heart ,


THE Wedding Project !!

Indian wedding is not just a life changing event , but a huge project. With all phases of initiation, planning, execution and closure !! The whole of last month, I was actively involved in Project Shaadi (wedding) of my brother and cut-off from college work and biosphere too !!

Everything starts as soon as the dates are finalized. Initial planning , venue, time ,etc . And as the months come closer , everyone is busy shopping , for various events ! Not only the bride or bridegroom’s family, but all other guests and invitees start preparing for it. As many dresses one buys, will be less for a proper big fat Indian wedding. 😉

Huge amount of planning goes into a wedding, guest lists, menu, which dress to wear on which day, return gifts and what not !! So many lists , drafts and then final lists.


With so many customs ,events and days, I was always reminded of Chetan bhagat’s line from Two States – “In India wedding is not just the union of two individuals but two families”. Which is indeed very true, particularly when the two families are of different culture . A high amount of risk is associated with a wedding too, like meeting time constraints, managing food , proper following of customs…

Sangeet, an evening of songs, dance and dinner requires separate planning and preparation. Its the most fun filled night. My brother’sangeet went very well and I am glad he enjoyed it fully.. 🙂

THE day is very hectic, as it is the final execution of all those plans and preparations. After dancing one full night just before the wedding day, it becomes very difficult to stay fresh throughout 😉
Proper coordination and communication is needed in such events. The most awaited part of a North Indian wedding is the baarat (procession) , in which everyone dances their hearts out. And immediately after reaching the bride’s place, we are supposed to be fresh and pose for photos.

I was so sweaty after baarat that I looked drunk in reception, still had to keep smiling for photos;-)

Finally, the wedding, the auspicious moment, for which all these days and months preparation takes place arrives. The union of two individuals with 7 promises for life takes place with the blessings of all.

However complicated and long process may it be of the wedding. Its an event, worth enjoying, cherishing throughout.

I will always remember each and every part ,planning and event of my brother’s wedding. I am glad for the constart support of my friends too. It would have been impossible without them to manage stuff.

The shaadi hangover still remains till one week after the wedding.
Right now I am in the transition phase of resuming back to normal college life 😉 🙂

Heartily congratulations to my brother …

-Straight from my heart,


Its all written ?!!

The feeling  we get when something good happens , something unexpected,  which we never thought of, but then it seems that it was all written,  written in the stars… Some power wanted it to happen. Last week I was reflecting on litte things and incidences which are linked in such a way that they seemed to be destined. Some call it coincidence, some call it destiny.

Think about this,  you met a person few months back,  which you weren’t even friends with,  eventually becomes your bestfriend in a short span of time … It happened with me, my bestfriend and I, believe that it was our destiny to meet,  to become great friends. Ever since we have come in contact, similar things happen with us,  there is always some common factor in almost every situation.. Similar project, similar trimester results,  ( toppers 😉 )similar research area, and now internship in the same company!! Nothing could be better than this..

I am glad we became friends…closest and best of all.. Maybe it is true,  it was just written… It was Destiny..

– Straight From My Heart,

The Two Sides !!

There are two sides , to every situation, every thing , and even every person. We cannot get everything at the same time too. While there is something about any situation or incidence which makes us happy , there is something in the same situation that disappoints us. Its upto us to keep the balance.

In the last two weeks, there were some things which made me very happy with myself. I am keeping up with most of my resolutions, eating healthy, trying to control anger and better time management. I am taking conscious efforts to maintain my calm . My class had organized an awards night in the first week of this month. I won the “Most changed for the Good” and the “Angriest Person Award”Image

Even though I have controlled my anger to some extent, I am still the angriest person ;). But after receiving this, I am taking efforts to be known only for the positive side, – The changed me, the person who stays happy and keeps everyone around her happy 🙂 I am very thankful to everyone who supported me and helped me in this effort of mine . Thankful even to all of them of considered that I can never change , they are just an inspiration for me . Also , I am really sorry to all of the people who were hurt because of my temper.

While I am happy about my anger management , I am disappointed as I don’t write much these days. Will be working on it though. I will exercise more regularly. And will give more time to myself.

Towards Self Improvement,

-Straight From My Heart,


New Year, New Hopes, New Promises !!

The first week of the year went pretty well. I started my year doing things which I love the most -dancing and acting. I spent most of my last week dancing and preparing for a class-party drama . It was a week filled of excitement, fun and enjoyment 🙂 . Even dedicated time to myself and my dear ones.

Hoping I remain satisfied throughout the year. My new year resolution is to focus more on myself, to give more to myself, think less about what others are up to and above all, improve my health.I read it somewhere that your twenties are supposed to be your “selfish” years , the time when one should definitely think about their own desires and interests. I wish to do that !!

 I am purposely making my resolutions public, because then I would take more efforts to keep up with them. My goal is to have minimum regrets and complaints at the end of the year !!

I have many plans for the upcoming weeks, and months. All I can do is believe I will achieve all those goals. I am just glad I had a great start to the new  year 🙂

– Straight From my Heart,


My last blog of this year !! ;)

Dragon loyalty AwardThe year comes to an end, though it seemed like a few months. I am sure I am not the only one feeling so !!

The year was full of ups and downs, few surprises , few regrets and many many lessons learned. The happiest thing I feel is that I started this blog. Blogosphere gave me a great stage, I got many appreciations , few great friends , with whom I connect to, and some awards too.

Earlier I was nominated for Sisterhood of the World bloggers aw.ard and this time , it’s Dragon Loyalty awards . Its a combination of “The Versatile Blogger Award” and “The Inspiring Blog Award”. I am thankful to Amreen for it and glad to accept it 🙂

These blog awards in the last few weeks have been spreading the token of appreciations . And I am glad people have taken time and care to appreciate mine.

Finally I would like to say that I am happy that my blog got recognition and viewers and decent followers 🙂

Looking forward for more viewers, and more blogging 🙂


-Straight from My Heart


Off the Track!

Something is wrong with me these days!  Weird things happening to me!  Or rather I am behaving weirdly….

Many things have changed in me. I don’t like the changes though. I am becoming lazy :-/  I get late for college everyday. I am the kind of person who preferred getting up before the sunrise, I believe watching the sunrise gives me energy for the whole day. Never in the last 3 years I have been late continuously for about 2 weeks.

I am a litte lost these days too. Yesterday I got in the wrong train. And now, today,  I forgot to get down, realized after 3 stations . Waiting at the platform for my Andheri train,  I am wondering what is  wrong with me!!

Another complaint I have from myself is that I am sleeping a lot these days.  Like more than required. I used to go on for days with sleeping for 3 hours also !!

Maybe I am just too tired being punctual.  Or that my exams were so exhausting that my body and mind wants to relax.( Even though I took many breaks 🙂 )

I don’t even spend much time with family. I just go home, finish some of my tasks and sleep.

I write less these days. There was a time I posted daily.

Maybe I have just entered the lazy mode after being in the nerd mode 😉
Whatever it is,  I will be back on track. I have to,  and want to…
Life is all about believing in oneself ultimately…:-)

– Straight From My Heart,

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

sisterhood My friend Anne ( nominated me for The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. I am so thankful to her. It’s really supportive and encouraging to know,someone likes reading your blog. I connected with Anne because of her love for India. I love reading her experiences, stories and other posts. I am just a beginner in this blogosphere and I am grateful to find amazing people here. 🙂 Thank you for your constant support. 

The Rules 

  1. Provide a link to and thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.
  2. Answer ten questions.
  3. Nominate 10-12 blogs that you find a joy to read.
  4. Provide links to these nominated blogs and kindly let the recipients know they have been nominated.
  5. Include the award logo within your blog post.


  1. Your favorite colour …. Pink
  2. Your favorite animal … Polar Bear
  3. Your favorite non-alcoholic drink …. Sprite
  4. Facebook or Twitter  – Facebook
  5. Your favorite pattern ….. dots 
  6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents? Giving
  7. Your favorite number … 5
  8. Your favorite day of the week … Saturday
  9. Your favorite flower …. Rose
  10. What is your passion? ….. Writing, Dancing

My nominees for the Sisterhood of the World Award:

Congratulations 🙂 Keep writing !! 

Time is the Ultimate Master

We all have complained and still do , sometime or the other , about people changing their behaviours, attitudes and thinking. We may like some person since years, but start disliking the same person later in life. Then , we eventually start blaming ourselves for the wrong decision , or the wrong situations. We always compare situations , and people ,” You were not like this “, “You haven’t done this before” or a simple clean statement -“You have changed”. 

These are some of the dilemmas we all face in our day to day life. We interrogate ourselves and try to find the answer of “What went wrong?” It is just that the time is dynamic and never-pausing. Time decides the situations , need, and behaviour. 

Where changing times is the reason for many problems, time is truly the best healer too. I have realized that it’s not in our hands to control certain things.We should accept that priorities change with time too. Continuously thinking and trying to find a solution would not help always. Sometimes it just better to leave the things as they are and let time take the decision. 

Time will give the answers to all our questions.. just hold on and keep faith and trust. 🙂


– Straight From my Heart,


Finally … !!!

Yeah, finally , I am writing a new post. Finally my exams over . It was like a time attack. So many presentations,vivas, exams in so less time . But finally they are over.

A lot of things happened to me , in the last 1 month. I turned 21 too 🙂 Oh this is my first post after turning 21 !! I realised who are the people who really care for me , love me truly . I am very lucky to have such people with me , always 🙂

College kept me busy most of the time. I had almost no social life. Even don’t know what is going on in family. But I am supposed to behave professionally and maturely as I am doing MBA( My professor’s favourite dialogue). 😉 Truly, but now I think I am immune against pressure / stress/ excessive multitasking, Thanks to college. I have lots to update, and narrate my lessons learned.

Will be catching everyone’s posts too 🙂

Happy writing 🙂

-Straight From My Heart,


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