How to get placed ? (My Placement Story)

How to get placed ? (My Placement Story)

Finally I am writing this one. One of the objective of my blog is to write and share lessons learnt. I wonder why I did not write this since so long. As the post title suggests, this post is about how I got placed through campus. Yeah, I got placed 😀

Placement is one of the most expected and common outcome of a college degree and majority students desire a placement from college. Some people are ready for any placement offer, well some are very particular about the profile, I fall in the second category,I wanted my profile which will satisfy my love for project management.  Many companies visited the campus and went with selected students, but  I was waiting for the profile to match my need.

Another company came, I was very much excited for the day, I was not at all worried. I had full confidence on myself that I will get what I deserve.

And as any other important day, I was clicking pictures and wanted to capture every moment.

IMG-20150207-WA0051 Few things which I learnt from “the” placement day:

Be excited for the day: 

Yes, be super excited for the day, yay placements. Be happy that you have come to this point of your college life that you are eligible to take a placement from college. But being excited doesn’t mean being nervous.

Dress your part:

Many think of this as the last step in preparation, but it is very essential to dress appropriately. Wear colours which suit you, and also which are lucky for you. I am a strong believer of luck, and I usually wear pink for exams and interviews. 😉

1422939002637 - Copy

 Be yourself:

Just be yourself during the process, Do not fake up, even if you feel like keeping quiet and being a good listener during the group discussion. ( I was just a listener in the GD round). The whole point is to be yourself.. that’s it.  Even during the interview, I was just being myself, went with a positive attitude, showing my love and inclination for project management.

Don’t lose the smile:

The process can be very lengthy and it becomes a long day for the candidates. But we shouldn’t lose our smile and be patient. I was taking selfies during the waiting time to ensure that I don’t lose my smile and charm 😉



Keep zero expectations:

Positive or negative both expectations hurt, so it is better not to keep any expectations and wait for the results . Once, they are out, there are three ways to deal with them : regret it, or change it, or accept it. I have finally accepted the result 🙂

Everyone has their own learnings and a placement story, what’s yours ?

NOTE: The points are purely the viewpoints of author and as experienced by her. This post does not guarantee placement.

Straight from my heart,

Prakriti Singh



Understanding & Cracking the CAPM Exam

Even though I have many other things to post, but this is the need of the hour. Many of my friends asked me about the Certified Associate of Project Management (CAPM) Exam. This post will clear major queries related to it. It will be helpful to any person pursuing CAPM certification.

Understand what it is: CAPM exam is conducted by the Project Management Institue(PMI). It tests one’s awareness and understanding of project management methodologies and terminology. “Understanding” in bold as many people mistake it for just a memory test. Its not only about remembering the methods, tools and techiniques but also understanding them.

Scheduling your exam: The first main thing about cracking the CAPM is scheduling it. Schedule it wisely. Try taking a date and centre which is comfortable in all sense. There should be no other appointments and commitments on that day.
According to me, it should be the first thing to do. If we think we will prepare and schedule, it will never happen , as we will feel our preparation is incomplete. The right approach is to schedule it and then plan. (Think from PM viewpoint, you need a target and then plan, the target here is your exam date and goal is to finish your preparation within the timeframe). Schedule atleast 2 weeks before you plan to give it.

How much time it takes to prepare: Well, this is a very relative question. It will depend from person to person. If you read online, many blogs say that one needs atleast 1 year or 6 months. Trust me, its no hard and fast rule that you need that much time. I prepared genuinely for 4 Days. (Plus I used to read notes while my daily travelling). For people having basic PM knowledge and who attended the 23 Contact hours training by PMI seriously, it is not a difficult task at all. By basic PM knowledge I mean, having Project Management as a subject in a semester( And you took it seriously)
Remember its the quality of preparation that will matter, and not only the number of hours).

How to prepare: Before starting you need to have one thing needed for any exam, Confidence . Be confident that you will rock it. Stay calm and realistic. Go through all the knowledge areas. Refer your notes made during the contact hours training. If you haven’t then you can make your end moment notes. If you are comfortable reading from someone else’s notes, take someone’s phone.

Don’t focus on memorizing the processes in the knowledge areas and the ITTO Tables (Input-Tools and Techniques-Output Tables) . Focus on understanding them. They are all logical and sequential. Try grasping the logic. For example, all control processes have many common things, only few primary input -output. Once you are familiar with all knowledge areas, their importance, their function, all the processes would be clear.

It’s not necessary to follow any book. CAPM notes and PMBOK is good enough.

Get acquainted with the exam pattern. Following would be useful :

  • Download PM Fastrack. Its a exam simulation software.
  • Register on and
  • Give free tests and simulated tests there. It will be good revision and will acquaint you to the exam format and all

Analyse your result report carefully. Detailed knowledge area wise results are provided. Identify your weakness and strengths and work accordingly. Improve on the weaker knowledge areas. Make flowcharts and tables while giving exams and during revision.


Start taking everything in your life as a project, and you will realize how things will turn different. Follow the PM methodology, and you will be a separate, systematic person and with brilliant time management skills.

Happy to help, Contact for further details

Passionate towards PM

– Straight from your heart,

Prakriti Singh CAPM

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