I am gonna miss these college walls..

The college walls… whenever I was happy , whenever I was sad, in days of excitement and in moments of tension.. I was surrounded by them.

As pillars of strength, as colourful as life, as beautiful and energetic as the youth. The moment I entered the college building, I fell in love with them. The amount of positive energy, vibes and warmth I could feel.
To say, to think these are just walls, but within these spaces, took place many events, conceived many ideas, and million memories made.. And how we characterized floors in the initial years, the purple wall, the green wall wala floor. 😉

215378_10150140891841106_1113273_n (1) IMG_20140929_160914
The photographs, were made just more beautiful by them… how excited we were for events , ” Aree yeh nai yeh wale wall pe le ” , ” Aaj group pic lenge yaar”.. And list goes on.

  • The gals lounge..which was later taken over by Placecom for corporate events..was an adda for all the creativity, and lots of fun games, or just for chilling
  • The library, which was not “just a library”, where people didn’t come only for studying, where people made new friends too, over some common interest. Not to forget the endless discussions and brainstorming activities.   IMG_20150224_210456   1909311_888177311226689_7186266387821794710_o
  • The canteen, the hogging zone.. sasta sundar tikaau khaane k jageh
  • The galleries outside labs, which got so occupied during vivas, and submissions
  • The sparkling girls wash room, only the gals can understand those washroom moments, where we always need company 😉 and our selfie sessions over there.
  • The basement, where people went to click “better” pics.
  • The seminar halls, which gave a different feeling totally throughout the placement season
  • The staircase, more than have of our college time was spent there
  • The terrace, which was occasionally opened, and we never left a chance to sneak
  • Oh.. the class rooms, the lectures, the fun, and the presentations…

Last, but not the least, the college entrance and the feeling when entering college.I will definitely miss everything. We all will.. maybe somewhere down the line, when we plan to visit college, we will feel more strongly about everything.

It’s over and difficult to digest..


I am gonna miss these college walls and the people and the amazing moments which made them so special…

Straight from my heart,

Prakriti Singh

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