My TRESemmé Split Remedy experience

Long, problem free hair is every girl’s desire. Everyone loves long hair, be it ourselves, or our dear ones, acquaintance, healthy long hair appeals to everyone. But the biggest enemy of hair’s length are split ends !! Most of the girls face the problem of split ends. And the only known solution to split ends is a salon haircut, thus we end up compromising on length. Thus , there’s always been a trade-off between length and health of hair. TRESemmé Split Remedy comes to the rescue…

Like every other girl, I was fed up of split ends, I wanted to grow my hair. Many of my friends advised me to go for a hair cut, but I was against the idea. Then , I read about TRESemmé Split Remedy, it claims to rescue upto 96 % of split ends in just 3 washes !! I was not very optimistic about it, as I had already tried many damage repair shampoos , but never got any significant result. But , thought, why not give it a try, better than a hair cut !!

Here’s my experience…

I got a conditioner and Shampoo of TRESemmé Split remedy.


First Wash: 

Without any expectations, I gave it a try. To my surprise, after the first wash itself, my hair felt light and smooth. The conditioner made my hair so silky , soft that it seemed like a total salon experience. The hair looked set, neat and lustrous. I played with my hair, in front of the mirror. Earlier, I din’t even liked touching the ends of my hair, but I observed even the endings felt softer than before. However I could still see the splits, but I decided to be patient till the next few washes…

Second Wash:

Hoping for better results, I tried it for the second time, four days after the first wash. The results made me happy again 🙂 I noticed fair improvement in the texture of my hair. My splits were visibly reduced, not vanished. But they looked tamed and much better !! This time, I also observed that my hair became more manageable and they stayed neat, as if I have just stepped out of a salon ( Just as the product claims !! )

Third Wash:

I gave a little gap between the second and third wash , so that I will realize till how long , my hair looks healthy. And as I already mentioned, TRESemmé din’t disappoint me. The third wash made me believe that this product , really works !! My hair looked straight, long and almost no split ends . Yes, unbelievable it sounds, but just after three washes I was very much convinced that TRESemmé Split Remedy is just the perfect solution which I was waiting for, from so many years !!

The amazing results made me continue the shampoo and conditioner. Wash after wash, my hair looked healthier with lesser visible split ends. To ensure that it’s not psychological and I am believing with the product’s claims, I started asking my friends whether my hair is damaged , or do I need a hair cut. I asked about ten of my friends, and everyone replied that my hair is perfect and Is should grow them !!

Thanks to TRESemme , for this magical innovation.Its been more a month using TRESemmé Split Remedy. It gave me the confidence to grow my hair, play with my hair and wear them anyway I want. Now I can try new hairstyles. There was a time , I was even ashamed of leaving my hair open , as the splits would be clearly visible, now I keep them free almost always 🙂 I don’t need to worry about my looks, as half of my problem is solved .


TRESemmé Split Remedy is not like other damage repair shampoos and products, who falsely claims many results,but fails miserably. This is one product , which actually shows what it claims . It’s a must-try by all the girls who desire long , beautiful hair. It’s absolutely worth a try..

I would recommend all my friends to use TRESemmé Split Remedy and say permanent goodbye to split-ends. I want all the pretty girls to have beautiful hair, any time , any where, even in the middle of the night !! Rightly described as , ” The Scissor-free solution to Split-Ends”

Goodbye split ends… Hello Long hair 🙂

– Straight From My Heart,


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