Because a mother knows best…

She would sense a problem before anyone or anything else in the world could, she will be the best critic, yet the best and constant supporter. No matter how worst any situation is , her support will make us feel that everything will be alright. A mother is a unique species on this planet , having powers superior to a normal human. Everyday should be mother’s day , every day she should be acknowledged how special she is , because its not a single day she devotes to her children , she devotes her full life for the happiness of her kids. However big we think we have become ,for our Mom , we will always remain the little child who needs the same care , love and support throughout.

Its amazing how my Mom identifies that I am hiding something from her, and even one or two guesses and she will also come to know what is it that I am hiding. The best solution for my problem will be ready altogether. All my secrets are safe with her, in fact there can be nothing hidden from her. My mom knows all of my friends, the ones who are very close to me , the ones which mean a lot to me , and some whom I dislike for some reason , also she knows whom to approach to complain about me and take my updates, if any 😉

Attempt lying to her, and you will be caught sooner or later.. Because she will go to the depth of it and find out. 😉 She is the most patient human on this planet , as she handles everything and me particularly, so well !!

A Mom is a best manager , no MBA degree or business experience will make anyone as efficient , reliable and quicker than her. She manages everything from kitchen to every member , also will be highly organized and keeps track of all the things without using any technology. In terms of time management and negotiation also, no one can beat her. I can’t even imagine being on time to college without her ( I am a pampered child 😉 )

No food can replace the taste of a mother’s food. A mother is a multi talented and multi tasking personality, she is a cook , a manager, a teacher, a consultant , a bestfriend and for me , a fashion designer, the best hang-out partner and even gossip partner 😉 and what not…

As my mom says ” Maa ki mamta tum tab hi samjhoge jab tum Maa Banoge” ( You will only realize what motherhood is , when you yourself will become a mother )


Love you Mom ,

Straight From My Heart ,


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  1. Im telling you straight from my heart i would have or even every child on dis earth would have written something related bcoz u hav shown the true mother that every individual deserves and few those who culdnt get d same from god..!! All mothers are god.. i want to communicate that do pray to god but never hesitate taking care of ur mom dad.. dey are actually the god whom we should pray to and with der blessings we can get anything we want.

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