Off the Track!

Something is wrong with me these days!  Weird things happening to me!  Or rather I am behaving weirdly….

Many things have changed in me. I don’t like the changes though. I am becoming lazy :-/  I get late for college everyday. I am the kind of person who preferred getting up before the sunrise, I believe watching the sunrise gives me energy for the whole day. Never in the last 3 years I have been late continuously for about 2 weeks.

I am a litte lost these days too. Yesterday I got in the wrong train. And now, today,  I forgot to get down, realized after 3 stations . Waiting at the platform for my Andheri train,  I am wondering what is  wrong with me!!

Another complaint I have from myself is that I am sleeping a lot these days.  Like more than required. I used to go on for days with sleeping for 3 hours also !!

Maybe I am just too tired being punctual.  Or that my exams were so exhausting that my body and mind wants to relax.( Even though I took many breaks 🙂 )

I don’t even spend much time with family. I just go home, finish some of my tasks and sleep.

I write less these days. There was a time I posted daily.

Maybe I have just entered the lazy mode after being in the nerd mode 😉
Whatever it is,  I will be back on track. I have to,  and want to…
Life is all about believing in oneself ultimately…:-)

– Straight From My Heart,

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