Managing Time – The Train way ! ;)

There is so much to learn,  from  every incident, every statement and many people.
From the past few days,  I am just going home to sleep,  college takes all of my day !! I stay almost 14 hours outside home. At times I feel so tired and frustrated. My friends say to get a flat near college and that I waste my time in travelling.

But that would be losing an essential part of my life,  most of my inspirational thoughts for writing arrise while I am travelling!  And I am not the only one who travels so much,  there are so many of them. I see so many working women and house wives in train everyday,  they have so many responsibilities . When they can,  why I can’t! Most of my introspection happens while travelling . My homework and assignments are completed in train too. It’s like the buffer time for me, whatever I couldn’t do I will finish in that time.

Life is all about believing in oneself,  and I believe I will manage everything . Afterall,  being an MBA student , I should know and practice Time Management 😉 🙂

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  1. Hey i really liked your writing. Infact I’m studying in nmims itself so your blog is so relatable. I can’t wait to go to Mumbai after I finish 3 years over here in shirpur :/ . I’d really appreciate if you’d continue writing about your experiences in Mumbai so I could have something to look up to 😀

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    1. Hey Sarangsh, Thanks for reading and visiting my blog. Also I am glad you are able to relate to them… That is one of my motive to write, to connect with people. Readers and followers like you motivate to write more.
      Just enjoy every moment of college, be it Shirpur or Mumbai 🙂


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