Strange Emotional Attachments !

I get emotionally attached to non living things.  Yes, inanimate, lifeless things, even they have a value in my life. I care for them and don’t want my things to get lost. Well, is it wrong, caring for your things!!  I Googled regarding this, thinking I have a psychiatric syndrome which needs to be diagnosed or treated, but it’s no serious an issue and there are thousands of people like me !

Small, or big some things can have strange value, in fact attachments. Everyone has that one non living thing with which they feel attached. For me, there are many such things. The reason for attachment can be memories attached to it, or simply the long time it has been with you, or the feeling of possessiveness. I recently lost my darling pencil, I considered it lucky, and I had it since my 12th grade(for almost 4 years) All my exams, and important things I carried that pencil with me. Maybe it’s just psychological that it is lucky or it brings good. I had hopes I would get it back, I enquired for it on Whatsapp groups too !! But in vain.

People close to me knew what that pencil meant to me, and they sympathized too. Others showed concern, while there were others who laughed and mocked at me. Most of these “others” are the people who recently joined our campus, and are unaware of my complicated personality. I still made them understand. But they made a fuss about it, and kept discussing about me enquiring for a pencil. Yes I know its not something usual, but if you are not bothered, don’t bother at all . I just pity them. I also don’t like many things about many people but I don’t bitch, I respect that each individual has different opinions and personality.

Just imagine if a person cares and loves so much for non living things, gets attached to them, how much care, love, concern and affection would such a person give to other humans. I don’t even care what some people think about me in this case, because it’s their loss in spoiling relationships with a caring person. I was always helpful to all, and will be in future too. And if we go about thinking what others think about us, then we will end up pleasing none.

To the people who took my getting attached to things as a joke – Grow up, instead of laughing on others feelings and problems, Get a life of your own ! 😉  A meaningful one too 😉 ) One day you may lose something valuable too, I am sure you don’t expect others to laugh that time.


-Straight From My Heart,


Love yourself Always 🙂

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