Happy Realization !?!

Sometimes in a very short span of time, you learn many lessons , realize many things and make new promises to yourself. I can say , the last few days , was such a time for me. Maybe , I am just thinking too much , or just spending a lot time with myself !! But whatever , I am just happy, I realized many things, it was like a “Happy Realization” week for me 😉

Some of the realizations and lessons :

  • Firstly, the grass is always greener on the other side, I am truly experiencing this. All these years , I was wishing to be independent , to take care of home on my own , with full freedom , without being answerable to someone. And when I have the opportunity, I am tired in 10 days !! I want my family to be back. I realized I am more of a family person , rather than the assumption me and even my family had , that I am an extremely social animal !! Yes I am extrovert but family matters a lot to me.
  • Some people cannot be as good , as you are to them. I always believed that world is not that bad a place !! But it is not all good too. Some people are mean, selfish and too calculative. I hate fake people . If a person is being fake with the world, I believe he is fooling himself first , and then the world. It’s the fake person’s loss , not ours.
  • I don’t care what such “fake”  people think about me . If one is good with me , I will be like the best person they would ever meet , if I realize one was just fooling around, I will not care even a little. (Yes , I  can be mean too 😉 )
  • There are few people , who love you, care for you so much , that whatever be their actions , their long term aim is just our happiness. I am glad to have such wonderful “few” people with me.
  • I think a lot at times about others, helping others, that I forget helping myself ! I feel even I should start thinking at least a little about myself, if not selfishly like many people I realize do.
  • Being too frank and open can lead you to trouble.
  • Listening to your heart makes you feel very happy and satisfied .
  • When I think I can do it, I will do it ! 🙂


And many others !!

Last but not the least , writing makes me happy. It makes me feel connected with myself ! And I missed it all these days 😉


-Straight from my Heart ,




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