Everything happens for a Reason..?!!?

An age-old Hindu thought and a popular Indian belief,  ‘ Everything happens for a reason ‘ ; though a very simple thought,  but it may simplify life if followed truly.

Many of us keep cribbing,”why this thing happened to me” , “why all bad things come in my way “, “I have a very bad luck “. Cursing your own luck, believing yourself as the unfavorable one,  these are few common ailments people face today a lot.Knowingly or unknowingly, we ask ourselves those “Why me…? ” questions,  however positive attitude one possess.

Even I have asked myself such questions. I too, have cursed my luck. But now, when I look back, I realize, those were just negative emotions/feeelings. It’s human tendency to expect and want more, and expectations indeed leads to sorrows.
I strongly believe in luck and destiny. Even though I have always considered myself lucky,and still consider, but there are few incidences and chapters of my life, which I wish never occured. I have cried over many things,some very serious, some very trivial. There were times I was totally broken and surrounded by all sorts of negative thoughts. But till when can one keep crying or cribbing or cursing oneself ; life is all about moving ahead.
I have realized most of our problems in life are psychological. Life is just what our thoughts make it. Now I try to find the positive quotient in every bad situation.

One of a trusted friend betrays you, or you lost contact with an old friend ; so what maybe you weren’t meant to be together. You face failure now ; maybe a better opportunity is waiting for you. Things din’t work upto expectations;it’s ok, everything won’t be in your way.
Well this is the way I think now, and life seems more easy, joyful,and agreeable.

Life is all about enjoying,being happy,satisfied, acceptance, & moreover being strong; And to believe….
Everything happens for a reason. 🙂

9 Thoughts

  1. Thanks for the remainder. Was lost.. But true one.. Few new things learnt from this. And its that we need to accept it.


  2. your writing reflects just what a greqt person u are.. thank u a lot for writing this and sharing .. its just what i needed 🙂


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